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Jac & Di On-board Carnival Fascination: Ports of Call

Posted in Holiday by Jaclyn on

Jac and Di are gurus when it comes to all things Caribbean. A Caribbean Carnival Cruise was a perfect chance to revisit some of their favourite spots and discover some of the lesser visited islands en route with a different destination each day. Jac gives the low down on what to discover on a Carnival Fascination adventure.

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The Fun Ship: Staying Entertained On-Board Carnival Vista By Night

Posted in Fam Trip, Insider Knowledge by Katie on

Team Blue Bay jumped at the opportunity to explore the brand new Carnival Cruise Vista. It's clear to see that staying entertained by day is a piece of cake. Fun Ship by name, fun ship by nature. So, as the cruise sets sail for the next destination and the sun sets on another relaxing day, what's happening on-board Carnival Vista? Epic things, fellow travellers. Many epic things. Here's the low down:

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Martyn’s Inside Scoop on InFocus, A Travel Encyclopaedia for 21st Century Holidaymaker

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By sea, air and land I have travelled the far corners of the Caribbean to help bring you the very best televisual treats in the form of InFocus. As the resident Blue Bay Travel Production Assistant, I am often asked what I get up to, after 4 trips I thought it was about time I give you all the insider info.

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The Cruise & Stay: 5 FAQs on a New Type of Holiday Experience

Posted in Insider Knowledge by Tom on

Sometimes it can be difficult to pin down which type of holiday you really want. In one ear there’s a towel-clad angel singing a siren-song of fly-and-flop goodness; in the other there’s a playful devil whistling marching tunes fit for fun-filled exploration. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s beyond the scope of mortal minds to find a balance between these two holidaymaking urges, but there’s a trump card every holidaymaker should keep in their back pocket: the Cruise & Stay. Your mind is probably adrift with questions on the cruise & stay concept, so here are some FAQs to pin it down.

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