How To Have Adults-Only Private Island Experience in The Grenadines at Palm Island Resort

If you’ve always assumed that kicking back somewhere stunning and exclusive like Necker Island is only available to the rich and famous, you’re wrong. Because we’re about to tell you how you can get a private island experience in The Grenadines – without paying a media mogul’s ransom. 

Thanks to Elite Resorts and their stunning Palm Island Resort & Spa, the life of Riley is no longer unattainable. The resort’s gorgeously remote location and staggering scenery provide that private island experience in The Grenadines.

But does this destination live up to the hype? Is there enough to do for those who want that remote feel without getting bored? And is there enough variety at meal times?

Luckily, we know the place like the back of our hand. So, we’re in the perfect position to answer all those queries and more right now. So, let’s go exploring in paradise!

Catamaran sailing around an island in the Caribbean where you can get a private island experience in the Grenadines
A private island experience in the Grenadines is now more attainable thanks to Palm Island Resort. Let’s explore!

Where is Palm Island Resort?

Palm Island Resort is a 135-acre secluded island located just off the coast of another teeny speck of land in St Vincent & The Grenadines just off the coast of Union Island

At this luxurious location, you have free roam of Palm Island including miles of pristine white sand beaches. Referring to itself as “castaway chic” the resort delivers opulent service levels without losing the rustic charm of being stranded (in the best way) on a desert island. Plus, with just 43 rooms, you really do get all those exclusive vibes. 

Live out your wildest Robinson Crusoe dreams while taking the edge off with high-end cocktails, as well as all-inclusive access to a choice of restaurants, a resort spa, a fitness centre, water sports and more. What could be better?

But with all that exclusivity, there has to come some fall-off in activities. Right? I mean, one of the trade-offs for going for all-out seclusion and luxury in the Maldives is a pairing down of the activities on offer. But you accept it because you’re reading your book in one of the most picturesque parts of the planet. 

Aerial shot of Palm Island Resort & Spa in The Grenadines
The resort exists on a tiny island just of the coast of Union Island.

What is there to do at Palm Island Resort?

As we alluded to, you might think that, with just 43 rooms and 135 acres to play with, there isn’t much to do beyond snorkelling and lying down. But that’s where you’re wrong. The list of things to do at Palm Islands is astonishingly lengthy. Let’s check them out in a little more detail. 

  • Spa area 
  • Excursions
  • Go SUP-ing
  • Experience beautiful botanicals
  • Go for a picturesque hike 
  • Explore the art gallery 
  • Get involved in a cricket match
Map of the Palm Island Resort
Map of the island

Discover the Luxurious Spa Area

What is a trip to a gorgeous 4.5-star resort without a soothing spa area to luxuriate in?

At Palm Island Resort, the spa is one of the standout areas to experience. Resting just off the white sand, you have the option to indulge your senses with a relaxing treatment while the Caribbean Sea provides all the acoustics you’ll need. 

When it comes to treatment selection, download the spa menu before you head out to get an advanced view of what’s on offer. So you can start making your mind up on the plane out there. And there’s plenty to tantalise your senses. Trained therapists can take you through a course of deep tissue sessions or you can elect instead to calm your pace with a range of aromatherapy or beauty treatments. 

  • The Spa at Palm Island Resort
  • Bathtub in the resort spa which overlooks the beach
  • Resort spa entrance

Exclusive Excursions

Just because you’re enjoying a private island experience in The Grenadines, doesn’t mean you need to stay there. The range of tours and excursions on offer at Palm Island allow you the chance to see more of the enchanting Grenadines. Or grab a moment in time that will last forever.

Four awesome excursions we’ve discovered at the resort are: 

  1. Tour of Tobago Cays and Mayreau 
  2. Explore Tobago Cays and Mopion 
  3. Enjoy a private beach picnic experience
  4. Go all out with a sunset champagne cruise

1. Tobago Cays and Mayreau 

Climb aboard the resort’s luxury catamaran and head off into the horizon in search of Tobago Cays and Mayreau. Mayreau is the smallest inhabited island in the Grenadines, boasting a population of around 300 people. Beach lovers should head for Salt Whistle Bay in the north or Saline Bay in the south for the most perfect stretches of sand on the island. 

Meanwhile, Tobago Cays is a diverse Marine Park that offers an unending amount of aquatic fun. Comprising 5 uninhabited islands and many bustling coral reefs, the best thing to do in Tobago Cays is head under the azure waters. Go snorkelling in the Caribbean Sea and swim with sea turtles and stingrays.

Plus, during your time on the catamaran, there’s also an authentic islander lunch and drinks to enjoy. 

2. Tobago Cays and Mopion

Create an island escape itinerary that gives you a more rounded view of this heavenly location. For example, why not book the Tobago Cays and Mayreau trip on one day, then add this tour which takes in the gorgeousness of Mopion Island at a later date in your holiday?

There’s so much to see and do in Tobago Cays that you might want two trips to get a full experience. When you’re not splashing about in the Cays, you will be taking in the unending beauty of Mopion. 

Mopion is a supremely picturesque spot. An exposed sandbank in the middle of the ultramarine sea, you can relax on the white sand or go for a paddle in the shallow, crystal-clear waters. 

3. Private Beach Picnic

Hop aboard the “Pink Lady” the resort’s sailboat and cruise to a remote part of the island. Here you settle down for a unique picnic on the beach experience. 

4. Sunset Champagne Cruise

Got a taste for the finer things in life? Of course you have! Or you wouldn’t be looking into a private island experience in St Vincent, right?! 

Well, you can continue feeding that opulent streak by treating your senses to a sunset champagne cruise. Dripping in sophistication and romance, this experience sees you board Pink Lady again, but this time the sun is starting its descent beyond the horizon. 

Celebrate a special occasion by toasting champagne while the sky lights up in a million shades of yellow, orange and pink

Man and woman enjoying a sunset cruise in The Grenadines
Grab an unforgettable moment with sunset champagne cruise aboard Pink Lady

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

We have led with paddleboarding here but, in truth, there’s a whole host of water sports to enjoy in the calm sea around Palm Island Resort & Spa.

SUP-ing or kayaking in the waters around the island is a great way to get a unique perspective of this picture-perfect place. Plus, because the Caribbean Sea is essentially like bath water in terms of temperature, it doesn’t matter if you fall in. 

The resort’s water sports team can hook you up with all the equipment you need for going on a SUP adventure, so you don’t need to bring anything with you (including experience). 

Beautiful Botanical Walk

Take a tour through the island’s green heart to discover flora and fauna you’ve never seen before. Blooming, sweet-smelling flowers fill the landscape while the calls of indigenous birds provide the soundtrack. During this walkthrough, you can also get a better understanding of the resort’s farm-to-table restaurant ethos while also checking out the veg and herb gardens.

Explore Three Hiking Trails 

Strike out on foot and complete your own exploration. Palm Island offers a selection of walking trails, all of which offer a new perspective – both of the island and the surrounding landscape. 

Alternatively, you could elect a bicycle tour of the island. The resort offers complimentary bikes, which you can use to tour the winding jogging paths – keep your eyes peeled for spotting the diverse birdlife that occupies the sanctuary. 

While we’re on the subject of diverse wildlife, you may have seen on the resort map above that Palm Island Resort also features a land turtle sanctuary and an iguana nature trail. Nature lovers should definitely incorporate those locations on your trail tours. 

Get a Feel for Authentic Island Art

Over on the northwest side of the island, near the spa area, you can also find an incredible art gallery. Perfect for those who want to get more of an understanding of the creative side of these tiny islands. St Vincent & The Grenadines is such an inspirational place, it’s little wonder that Palm Island has been able to fill a whole gallery with beautiful works by local artists. 

Take a break from exploring the island or lounging on the sand to take in the works from talented individuals across this iconic archipelago. 

Cheer On the Staff in A Weekly Cricket Game

One for the sports fans, if you didn’t know, the Caribbean is completely cricket-mad! In fact, a fact about Antigua is that this game is the national sport. So, it should come as no surprise that they’re are cuckoo for cricket in St Vincent and The Grenadines too.

Every week the staff come together to partake in a friendly game. Cheer on your favourite team members as they look to smash a six or take a bundle of wickets. 

Dining Experiences Crafted with Romance in Mind

The all-inclusive at Palm Island Resort & Spa means you can tantalise your tastebuds at a selection of sites. The Sunset Grill is the main restaurant where buffet breakfasts and quintessentially Caribbean lunches live. Plus, if you fancy a more targeted affair, you could book an à la carte dinner here on a Wednesday or Saturday.

Speaking of à la carte, the Royal Palm restaurant offers the opportunity for you to celebrate that special occasion by trying delicious dishes on the soft white sand of the beachfront. It’s also worth mentioning that you can try international offerings for lunch and dinner in this restaurant – but a booking may be required. Plus, coconut lovers will definitely want to check out the Coconut Treasure Chest at breakfasttime. 

In addition, if you can’t get enough of Palm Island, returning guests have the option to attend a chic cocktail party with the general manager and senior resort team. 

  • The Sunset Grill
  • Shot of a lobster dish in the Sunset Grill at Palm Island Resort
  • Royal Island Restaurant

What are the Rooms Like At Palm Island Resort?

No private island experience in the Grenadines would be complete without a stay in a comfortable and spacious room. Although Palm Island only features 43 rooms, you still have the option of booking a room, suite, loft or villa in numerous locations across the island. 

The lead-in room is a Palm View Room. But, if you’re thinking it’s going to be a cramped affair, offering limited facilities then you’d be wrong. At over 52 square metres, even the lead-in room at Palm Island offers an indulgent experience. 

However, you can dial up the opulence by upgrading to a suite or villa. This awesome option means you get more room to move and a first-class view of the enchanting beaches. 

Why Go All-Inclusive in St Vincent & The Grenadines?

Going all-inclusive at Palm Island Resort & Spa gives you the ultimate, carefree escape from reality. Not only can you make the most of the food and drink options available, but you can also have maximum exposure to the available activities.

As with most all-inclusive resorts, some amenities will still incur a charge. But when you book an all-inclusive private island experience in the Grenadines, you do get access to all these amenities for free!

  • Hiking trails 
  • Bike paths 
  • Tennis courts
  • Rum tastings 
  • Fitness centre 
  • Weekly beach cinema
  • Non-motorised water sports
  • Library 
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • and more!

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Is there anything more enticing than the thought of living a life of luxury on a private island experience in the Grenadines? We don’t think so.

The span of activities, unforgettable tours and magical memories all speak for themselves. And now it’s no longer the reserve of the rich and famous. In fact, you can start the process of booking your experience with Blue Bay today. 

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