There’s a long-standing dilemma that plagues even the most seasoned holidaymakers: will your next escape be a classic fly and flop, or something a little more adventurous? The resolution to conflicts such as this can often reduce travel buddies to the foulest of quarrels, where eyebrows are raised, tuts tutted, and eyes well and truly rolled. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Carnival Cruise Lines to bring you the best of both worlds via a unique range of jaw-dropping Cruise & Stay packages. One of the many highlights from this fleet of incredible holiday experiences is the 14 Night Barbados Cruise & Stay, which sews together a 7 night stay in Barbados with a 7 night cruise of unparalleled glory courtesy of Carnival Cruise Lines. It’s the perfect balance of relaxation and adrenaline, so let’s have a gander at its inner workings.

Take a little time out

Your Cruise & Stay will begin with a little chill time at the aptly named Time Out Hotel. This intimate 76 room hotel is just a mango-throw from the white canvas of Dover Beach, and rests on the heels of the cultural artery of St Lawrence Gap. We commissioned a full breakdown from the InFocus film posse, and thus they extol the numerous virtues of Time Out Hotel:

Venture forth, bold Buccaneer

Once you’ve spent a few days horizontal beneath the Bajan sunshine you’ll embark on a top-notch cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines. The nugget of holidaymaking gold that underpins a jaunt with Carnival Cruise Lines is the stellar line up of islands on your itinerary. As the kids would say, it’s off the chain. The summer 2016 cruise dates see you board the Carnival Fascination, and you’ll take in some of the Caribbean’s most vivacious offerings:

Day 1 – Barbados
The island of rum, smiles, and witty banter. Here you’ll experience the sweeping seascapes and vibrant islanders that define the Bajan character.

Day 2 – St. Lucia
The posterchild of the Caribbean, famed for its rolling emerald treelines. Here you’ll enjoy some of the most stunning scenery in The Antilles.

Day 3 - St. Kitts
A hub of cultural curiosities and rich history. Here you’ll encounter first-hand the alluring diversity of the Caribbean’s heritage.

Day 4 - St. Maarten
The two-headed coin of the Caribbean. Here you’ll mingle with French and Dutch cultures, culminating in an irresistibly rich atmosphere.

Day 5 - San Juan
The old guard of colonial history. Here you’ll witness Old World meeting New World in a flourishing fusion of time, space, and charisma.

Day 6 - St. Thomas
The envy of postcards everywhere. Here you’ll live like royalty before a yacht-dotted sea and jungle-clad cliffs.

Day 7 – Fun Day at Sea
Make the most of the luxurious facilities on-board the Carnival Fascination as you return to Barbados. Beyond the drool-inducing inclusions of your itinerary, the key take-away from this setup is the presence of just one single day spent at sea. It makes for some astronomically efficient holidaymaking, where your precious time aboard is dutifully filled with incredible exotic experiences. The things on offer in each destination are vast and plentiful, and we’ve not the alphabetical resources to detail the ins-and-outs without verging into the territory of War and Peace. If your enquiring mind is drawn to the infinite possibilities of this cruise itinerary, simply consult the official breakdown right here.

New to the Cruise Life?

We’re partial to the occasional swashbuckling skirmish, so we tasked the InFocus film crew to capture the Carnival experience for all you nautical newbies. Here’s a taste of what’s in store for you when you live the Cruise Life with Carnival Cruise Lines:

Ready to set sail?

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