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Make sure every picture has a story to tell

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Ensconced in your vacation destination is a magnificent story, waiting to be revealed by none other than you. The best way to capture its magic, to relive time and again, is through the eye of a lens. Photography puts you in the narrator’s seat, giving you free reign to encapsulate the essence of your journey. However, if you’re in need of little inspiration, look no further, here are some helpful tips on making sure every picture has a story to tell.

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Martyn’s Inside Scoop on InFocus, A Travel Encyclopaedia for 21st Century Holidaymaker

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By sea, air and land I have travelled the far corners of the Caribbean to help bring you the very best televisual treats in the form of InFocus. As the resident Blue Bay Travel Production Assistant, I am often asked what I get up to, after 4 trips I thought it was about time I give you all the insider info.

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Become Legend with a Carnival Cruise Lines Cruise & Stay

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We've teamed up with Carnival Cruise Lines to bring you the best of both worlds via a unique range of jaw-dropping Cruise & Stay packages. One of the many highlights from this fleet of incredible holiday experiences is the 14 Night Barbados Cruise & Stay, which sews together a 7 night stay in Barbados with a 7 night cruise of unparalleled glory courtesy of Carnival Cruise Lines. It's the perfect balance of relaxation and adrenaline, so let's have a gander at its inner workings.

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Glasgow to Barbados: A New Route for Northernly Holidaymakers

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If the past year has told us anything, it’s that you Holidaymakers can’t get enough Barbados. It’s easy to understand why, given the super-chilled atmosphere, welcoming locals, and eye-wooing landscapes from coast to coast. We decided we wanted to make this beautiful island more accessible to more budding travellers, so we can spread the love even further. We’ve already got solid routes from London and Manchester, but we’re chuffed to announce the addition of Glasgow — Barbados return packages to this already sterling arsenal.

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The 4 Biggest Characters of the Sandals 2 for 1 Sale: New Hotels and Holiday Highlights

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If you’re unfamiliar with the Sandals 2 for 1 Sale, it’s basically Christmas for holidaymakers the world over. For a few brief days we have the opportunity to secure an award winning Luxury-Included® adults-only Sandals escape for half the ticket price. To honour this occasion again rolling round to reprieve our wallets, here are the 4 most charismatic participants in this year’s sale. Tuck in and treat yourself to the best value all inclusive holiday you’ve seen all year – no ifs, no buts, and plenty of coconuts...

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