Where To Buy Spices in Grenada: The Top Spots to Source the Goods on the Spice Island

Grenada is renowned for being a top grower and exporter of nutmeg, chocolate, and more. But if you want to return with a bag full of the best stuff, you need to know where to buy spices in Grenada. And we can give you the inside track.

In our latest Grenada blog, we’re going to let you in on a little secret – where to buy spices in Grenada.

That’s right, we’re covering all things sugar, spice, and everything nice about Grenada. These spices are waiting to be experienced or taken away from one of the Caribbean’s most underrated destinations. 

A common fact about Grenada is, its abundance of spice plantations has led to it gaining the nickname ‘The Island of Spice’.

From the likes of chocolate, rum, and spice assortment sets for use in your home baking recipes. A trip to the following locations will help you fill your spice rack.

In addition, they can also provide a great way to experience the heritage of Grenada while giving you the chance to bag thoughtful holiday gifts for the foodies in your family.

where to buy spices in Grenada
If you want the best products in your pantry, you need to know where to buy spices in Grenada. Photo by Emre on Unsplash

Why Buy Spices in Grenada?

Outside of visiting Grand Etang National Park and lounging on perfect beaches, getting your hands on some stunning spices is one of the best excursions in Grenada.

When you buy anything, you want to know it comes from good stock, right? Well there’s no need to worry about that when buying sweet spices in Grenada. The island’s mills and plants have been producing these products for over 100 years. 

Plus, as excursions go, having the chance to taste authentic rums and visiting a chocolate factory sounds pretty good to us. If you’re visiting Grenada around the beginning of August, you’ll have the chance to experience Spicemas. A huge carnival dedicated to the spice harvest, with music, dancing and partying stretching over a few days. 

What Spices Can You Buy in Grenada?

Before we explore where to buy spice in Grenada in more detail, why don’t we elaborate further on exactly which spices you can buy? Of course, nutmeg and chocolate are huge names on the Grenada exports list.

But while you’re there to explore the range of exciting exports, you should also know the island is also big for the production of: 

  • Turmeric 
  • Allspice 
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves 
  • Bay Leaves 
  • Ginger

Where to Buy Spices in Grenada?

When you want to taste nutmeg and vanilla unlike any you’ve ever sampled before, you need to get yourself to these five locations:

  • Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station
  • Spice Market in Market Square, St George
  • Grenada Chocolate Company Factory Tour
  • River Antoine Estate Rum Distillery
  • Laura’s Herb and Spice Garden

Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station

As the world’s third-largest exporter of nutmeg, this condiment gives Grenada its reputation as the isle of spice. Locally referred to as Grenada’s black gold, this popular spice appears in every Grenadan home. Nutmeg also boasts a range of health benefits such as strengthening cognitive function and detoxifying the body.

During your tour of Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station, you’ll learn all about the production of nutmeg from helpful guides. Get to see the production process and experience the divine nutmeg aroma in the factory. If that’s not all, the on-site shop completes the tour with the option to buy a few goodies.

Spice Market in Market Square, St George

A fantastic way to experience what Grenada is all about, this bustling Spice Market is a must. From an assortment of spices to local produce and artisan trinkets, a walk down Market Square is the best way to experience the culture of St. George.

Located in the heart of the capital, the colourful market positions you perfectly to explore more. With nearby forts, museums, and great strolls along the waterfront too, if that sort of thing is your cup of tea.

Grenada Chocolate Company Factory Tour

Our next stop sees you cashing in that golden ticket as you sample some of the best chocolate in the Caribbean. Renowned for their world-famous cocoa beans, The Grenada Chocolate Company produces award-winning dark chocolate.

The only thing better than the taste of their chocolate is the sweet and helpful staff. You’re taken around the small-scale farm to experience everything that goes into the chocolatier process. This worthwhile tour is essential for Grenada holidaymakers if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth. Then again, sweet tooth or not, when else will you be able to try chocolate this good?!

River Antoine Estate Rum Distillery

The oldest distillery on the island, yes, this one is for the rum lovers. As one of the most quintessentially Caribbean things to do in Grenada the River Antoine Estate Rum Distillery features traditional 250-year-old equipment amid gorgeous Grenadian surroundings. This unique tour provides a great photo opportunity as you learn about the Caribbean production of rum.

The water-powered distillery is the oldest in the Caribbean. Using local ingredients with Grenadian spices to create their signatures bottles, which can be sampled or brought on the tour. Rum lover or not, you’re in for a great time as this tour will transport you to the nineteenth century as you take a glimpse into the past, exploring this historic estate.

Laura’s Herb and Spice Garden

As our Grenada spice rack tour comes to an end, we’ve saved the best for last.

Laura’s Herb and Spice Garden offers a fantastic tour for nature lovers and adventurers. You’ll get to experience the rolling landscapes of the beautiful island as you forage herbs and spices from magical gardens in Windsor Forest to captivate your senses.

Discover More Sweet Adventures in Grenada

If you thought miles of chocolate, nutmeg and vanilla sounds tempting, wait until you our list of super sweet resorts in Grenada. Our selection of resorts offers spots for adults-only adventures, as well as family fun. 

The great news is, because Grenada is so small, you’ll never been more than 90 minutes drive from one of these awesome spicy spots. So you could feasibly discover them all in one bumper break.

Click the banner below to find out more about the resorts in our Grenada collection. 

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