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Make Holidays Greener: Become a Conscious Traveller and say “NO TO PLASTIC”

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Some of our most cherished memories are created whilst on holiday. Whether it be kicking back on the beach with a cocktail, seeing your children’s beaming smiles at the local water park or by simply exploring a new country for the first time with your loved ones. We can all reminisce of sunnier, happier times spent in paradise away from daily life.

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A Chocolate Lover’s Paradise – The True Blue Bay Grenada Chocolate Festival

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Discover the aromas, flavours, scents and benefits of luxurious pure cocoa butter, savour the aroma of fresh herbs and cocoa teas and kick back and relax whilst you indulge in the coolest chocolate homemade ice-cream and enticing desserts. These are all experiences on the cards during the Grenada Chocolate Festival at True Blue Bay Resort this August.

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Stuart Puts Virgin Atlantic Upper Class to the Test

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So, off to Antigua today and looking forward to the new Virgin Atlantic Upper Class entertainment system. Upper Class, as always, makes for a very relaxing journey. A decent nights sleep at the Hilton and a stroll down the corridor at 6:30am to the terminal. Straight to the counter and 5 minutes later we are through the Premium Security passage to the Virgin Clubhouse.

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