When’s the Best Time To Visit Saint Lucia?

There aren’t many bad times to touch down on this oasis in the Caribbean. But is there a best time to visit Saint Lucia for ultimate holiday vibes? Does it even matter when you book?

It’s widely believed that the best time to visit Saint Lucia is from February – May. This ensures you’ll see the best of the weather, with the least chance of rain.

But, in this blog, we’ll break it down and show you why it doesn’t matter what time you book your St Lucian escape. Because you’ll be guaranteed a great time, anytime.

Main in a hammock enjoying the best time to visit Saint Lucia
When is the best time to visit Saint Lucia?

So, When is The Best Time to Visit Saint Lucia?

Saint Lucia is one of the best places to visit in February. In February, you stand the lowest chance of catching a heavy shower and the sunshine packs (on average) a 26° punch. But, if you time your trip to coincide with springtime in the UK, you should be well looked after (meteologically speaking). 

If you’re searching for a cheaper Caribbean escape though, later spring may be better. April – May is a great time to travel as prices are lower, plus the temperature will be largely the same.

Due to the island’s tropical climate, it is subject to wet and a dry season. However, it’s not as dramatic as you might think. So, let’s dig a little bit deeper into those seasons to demonstrate why it doesn’t necessarily matter when you go.

Drone shot of the Pitons and a boat sailing in the Caribbean Sea
There’s no bad time to visit St Lucia

What’s the Hottest Time to Visit St Lucia?

Although the dry season runs from December – May, the actual hottest months in St Lucia are August and September.

Temperatures during the dry season tend to range from a balmy 27°. Plus, this is when rainfall and humidity are at their lowest. However, that’s not to say you definitely won’t see any wet stuff, you just stand the best chance of staying dry.

By contrast, during late summer the mercury moves further up. But, here’s the kicker, because those months actually fall more into the island’s wet season. So, although it will be hot, you can guarantee some steamy conditions as rising temps generally mean rising rainfall on the island.

So, is the wet season a complete no-no then?

Couple being poured cocktails from a boat in Saint Lucia
Cool off with a cocktail in the Caribbean Sea

Should You Go To St Lucia During Wet Season?

Yes, you definitely should still go to Saint Lucia in the wet season. Don’t be put off by the name. It probably will rain a couple of times on your trip if you head out during the second half of the year. But most downpours come in brief deluges and you’re still sure to get an average of 7 – 8 hours of sunshine a day.

As we mentioned, temperatures during the wet season remain high too. August – October generally sees the mercury pushing towards 32° on warmer days.

There is also an increased risk of hurricanes in the second half of the year. However, you can count yourself very unlucky if you catch one. In fact, ansechastanet.com reports, in the last 37 years, only one hurricane has hit St Lucia.

Couple standing looking at a waterfall
The wet season is still great in St Lucia

Planning Your Trip to Saint Lucia

But we know there are more things than the weather to take into account when you’re thinking of the best time to book your St Lucia excursions.

Timing your trip to catch an epic island celebration is the best way to experience the culture of the island.

Jazz & Arts Festival

Not only is May a great time to visit St Lucia for the weather, but it’s also a pretty decent time for catching a party.

Plan your trip for the first half of the month and you’ll be able to take in all the sights and sounds of the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival. This incredible celebration attracts thousands of visitors every year – as well as some pretty big names. 

The St Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival from 30 April to 12 May, expect awesome performances from artists in the worlds of afro beat, jazz, rock, gospel, Soca, reggae, Zouk, pop and more. What could be more fun alongside lashings of rum?

Come for Carnival

Speaking of sights, sounds, and a festival atmosphere. If you’re happy to book in the “wet season” then time your trip between 1 – 17 July because this is when the iconic Carnival rumbles into town.

Experience the mother of all parties, Carnival.  Across the couple weeks the island comes alive in a sea of colours, dancing and, of course, music! Take in the vibrant parades and join in with the non-stop dancing. 

If you haven’t been enjoying a rum throughout the day, you’ll be ready for one afterwards!

Man in colourful costume in a parade during the St Lucia Carnival
Carnival time in Saint Lucia is always fun

Try Some of the Best Excursions in Saint Lucia

If you’re more into your adventures than parties, you’ll be glad to know the best natural excursions in St Lucia are available all year round.

As we said earlier, the rainy season actually helps improve the island’s excursion offering. 

Whether you’re heading out as a group or embarking on an adventure for two. From trekking up to the fort at Pigeon Island to diving the sea depths, they’re always on, and they’re always good. Additionally, if you’re hoping to dial up the love on the most romantic island in the Caribbean, then you might want to try a couple of days in Castries, the capital. 

Couple laughing after trekking up to the fort at Pigeon Island
Go trekking up to the fort at Pigeon Island

Pack Your Bags

Has all that talk of incredible weather and party atmospheres got your wanderlust a-waggin’?

Now, it may not matter when you go. But it does it matter where you stay.

With that in mind, click the button below to learn more about all our awesome all-inclusive St Lucia resorts (as well as a few stonking offers).

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