12 Natural Attractions in Saint Lucia: Excursions Nature-Lovers Can’t Afford To Miss

It’s a gorgeous emerald speck in the vast Caribbean Sea, so you know there have to be some incredible natural attractions in Saint Lucia that are just dying to make nature lovers happy! 

Did you know that this island is 70% rainforest? So it’s no wonder that it makes such an incredible haven for eco-conscious travellers. But if you want to keep your trip immersed in viridescence, we’ll tell you about the best natural attractions in Saint Lucia.  

Of course, we all know about the gorgeous beaches and quintessentially Caribbean towns and cities – like Castries. But now we want to know more about what happens beneath the canopy. And how much fun is it?

But what are these 12 incredible excursions? 

Aerial shot of St Lucia and Anse Chastanet beach
With a gorgeous covering of green on the island, it’s no wonder there are a clutch of amazing natural attractions in Saint Lucia

Natural Attractions in Saint Lucia You Can’t Miss

In truth, there are more natural attractions in St Lucia than you can shake a stick at. But we have managed to distil the selection into 12 top options for you:

  1. Rainforest ziplining
  2. Diamond Botanical Gardens
  3. Hiking the Pitons
  4. Snorkelling the Pitons
  5. Tet Paul Nature Trail
  6. New Jerusalem Mineral Baths
  7. Sulphur Springs
  8. Explore the waterfalls
  9. Kayaking in the Caribbean Sea
  10. Anse Chastanet snorkelling
  11. Segway nature trail
  12. Sea trek adventure

1. Rainforest Zipline

We’re starting with something for those thrill-seeking nature lovers. A brilliant way of seeing lots of that incredible St Lucian rainforest is via the air. Now, most would probably prefer to get those views from the comfort of a cable car. But there’s no better way of getting an all-encompassing, concentrated perspective of the sights and smells of the forest than whistling through the canopy.

The Tree Top Adventure Park is home to the highest and longest zipline on the island. Glide through the air taking in a truly unique perspective of the flora and fauna.

However, if you prefer a more serene way to experience everything the rainforest has to offer, there’s the canopy walkway. A bridge set atop the foliage delivers stunning views of the forest, without the possibility of your breakfast making a second, less welcome, appearance.

2. Diamond Botanical Gardens

Also known as the St Lucia Botanical Gardens, this six-acre site is an award-winning excursion. The amazing things to do in the gardens are three-fold. Marvel at the blooming flora and fauna, visit Diamond Falls, and chill in the hot springs.

Here the natural attractions of St Lucia are placed front and centre of the experience. A tour guide will take you through the stunning fruits, vegetables, spices, plants, and animals which are endemic in St Lucia. As well as some pretty attractive imports too.

When you’ve had your fill of delicious fruits and vegetables you can keep walking to the next epic attraction, Diamond Falls. One of the iconic sites in St Lucia, take a dip in the cooling waters or grab a pic in front of the falls. After that, it’s off for a nice long soak in the natural hot springs. Built on the site of the original mineral baths, you can choose to have a public or private bathing experience. Either way, you’ll be benefitting from soothing warm waters which harbour medicinal values.

3. Hiking the Pitons

Widely regarded as one of the best things to do in St Lucia. Climbing the Pitons is an absolute must-do for nature lovers.

Walking up Gros Piton is an invigorating and educational experience. With your guide leading the way and talking you through the points of interest, you can learn all about the iconic twin peaks and organic matter which flourishes across them.

The cherry on top of this all-natural excursion is the spectacular views out over St Lucia and the glimmering Caribbean Sea.

Couple gazing at the Pitons from a walk in St Lucia
Walking up the Pitons is one of the best excursions on the island

4. Snorkelling the Pitons

Snorkelling on the tallest peaks on the island might sound a little silly. But we’re not talking about some crazy reef system halfway up a mountain. Rather the special sights to be seen in the waters below the hills.

Hiking is the most common way of exploring the Pitons. But they’re also quite well-regarded for snorkelling too. At the foot of the twin peaks, you’ll find one of the most famous snorkelling spots on the island.

The Piton Wall site draws snorkelling enthusiasts from across the world. Only accessible via boat trip, you’re dropped into the water where the submarine sights will dazzle as the current gently drags you along. The current sweeps you across the vast wall where colourful sponges and corals stretch out in search of nutrients. Meanwhile, topside, your boat carries on its merry way waiting to collect you again as you drift out the other side.

5. Tet Paul Nature Trail

Much like the Pitons trail, the Tet Paul Nature Trail delivers more stunning island views. Well, it’s called the gateway to heaven for a reason.

But there’s more to this trail than meets the eye, literally. While you will experience unrivalled views of the Pitons and, on a good day, maybe even see the neighbouring islands of Martinique and St Vincent. You can also learn about the natural habitat and history of St Lucia’s ancestors.

Take a tour of a traditional house while learning about local heritage and what life was like on the island in years gone by. In addition you’ll also have the opportunity to discover, and recreate, the Amerindian art of Cassava production.

6. New Jerusalem Mineral Baths

Something of a hidden gem on the island, but one of the best things to do in Soufriere. The mineral baths are said to have medicinal qualities, much like the diamond baths and Sulphur Springs – more on them in a minute.

Walk along the secluded paths up to the pools which sit serenely in the midst of the rainforest. Hot spring water is delivered from natural underground sources and poured into two baths via bamboo piping systems. The bamboo helps ensure the au naturale aesthetic isn’t damaged.

Soak in the soothing waters of the New Jerusalem Mineral Baths and marvel at the beauty of blooming nature all around you. The baths are open to the elements, so feel free to gaze up at the blue skies or twinkling stars too.

7. Sulphur Springs

Another top result for natural attractions in St Lucia. But rather than just bathing in warm water, here you can get down and dirty in volcanic mud too.

Bathe in a mineral water bath before covering yourself head to toe in the invigorating muck. Then wash it all off under the cool waters of Toraille Waterfall. This tour is super popular, but with so many Instagrammable moments in one excursion, it’s easy to see why.  

But, far from just being a way to gloat on the ‘gram, a trip to Sulphur Springs can also be good for you. The changing water temperatures and nutrient-rich mud are brilliant for the skin. The sulphur smell can be a bit much to start off with though.

Man and a woman relaxing in a mud bath in St Lucia
Relax in the nutrient-rich waters of Sulphur Springs

8. Exploring the waterfalls

Now, we couldn’t talk about the St Lucia natural attractions without mentioning the plethora of waterfalls.

Boasting a miasma of watery drop-offs you’ll never be too far away from a stunning waterfall in St Lucia. From Diamond Falls in the Botanical Gardens to Toraille at Sulphur Springs, they’re everywhere. 

Make sure you check out our guide for the top 5 waterfalls to chase in St Lucia for the 411 on the most super chutes. 

Man and a woman watching a waterfall in St Lucia
Take in a waterfall or two

9. Kayaking in the Caribbean Sea

A kayaking tour from Gros Islet to Pigeon Island is a super-memorable excursion for nature lovers. Be completely surrounded by natural St Lucia on this incredible adventure.

Climb aboard your kayak in Gros Islet and paddle across the majestic Caribbean Sea to Pigeon Island. From there the Pigeon’s your oyster. Choose to snorkel in the bio-diverse waters or set off on a hiking expedition with Fort Rodney and more incredible views rewarding your endeavours.

Alternatively, once you’ve parked your kayak, you might just like to chill on the white-sand beach of Pigeon Island. Kick back and watch the world go by or get some much-needed eyelid inspecting done.

Couple kayaking in the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea
Kayaking in the Caribbean Sea is a super unique way to see the island

10. Snorkelling Anse Chastanet

We could’ve just added ‘beaches’ as a point in this guide. But we’re better than that. We wanted to be more focused on natural wonders than just recommending pretty beaches in a country brimming with them. So, we’re bringing you the perfect balance of coast and megacosm.

Not only is Anse Chastanet one of the stretches of sand in St Lucia, but it’s also one of the best spots for catching some of St Lucia’s submarine natural attractions. Because of its positioning on the Leeward side of the island, the waters are calm, creating some top-tier snorkelling conditions. The colourful reef below is home to kaleidoscopic critters like parrotfish, trumpetfish and clownfish.

However, that’s not all, if you’re pitching up on Anse Chastanet between September and October you may be treated to a natural show like no other. At this time of year, baby hawksbill turtles hatch after being laid on the beach by their mothers in July.

Two people snorkelling in the Caribbean Sea with the Pitons in the background
Take a unique adventure under the waves in St Lucia

11. Segway nature trail

Maybe not as uplifting as watching baby turtles make a dash for the surf, but no less unique. A Segway tour in St Lucia is a great way of getting up close and personal with nature. A prime example is the tours which utilise the nature trails around Mount Pimard.

Along with your trusty guide, you’ll sail along the paths of the trail taking in stunning sights like Reduit Beach. Meanwhile, you’ll also enjoy views of top attractions like Pigeon Island and Rodney Bay Marina. There are stop-offs for picture-taking and historical talks, including a pullover at a site riddled with tunnels, lookouts and storage spaces used by the American military in World War 2.

If that isn’t enough, you’ll also have the chance to feed the fish in a naturally formed fishpond. As well as checking in at a local fruit stand for some lip-smacking au naturale refreshers. Not bad for a two-hour excursion, right?

12. Sea trekking adventure

Now to finish with a flourish and we think the best way to do that is to send you to space. Okay so maybe not actual Tom Hanks in Apollo 13 space, rather the chance to feel like you’re floating in the cosmos. 

With a sea trek adventure, you get the dual benefits of feeling weightless and spying on some amazing marine life. With your own astronaut-esque helmet on you wander along the sea bed taking in the otherwordly environment. Stroll along the seabed and watch the range of fish flit around the waters surrounding Pigeon Island. 

Surely there isn’t a more unique all-natural experience to be had in St Lucia?

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