Are Gulf Air Good? A Comprehensive Review

We’ve spent our fair share of time on planes. So we believe we’re pretty qualified to answer the question “Are Gulf Air good?” Let us tell you everything we know about this emerging airline. 

Did you know that in the first six months of 2023, Gulf Air welcomed nearly 2.8 million passengers on to its planes? So, if you are wondering “Are Gulf Air good?” then you can start to see the calibre of the company. 

But we know there’s more to the story than just passenger numbers. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive review that will leave no stone unturned in answering your burning questions about this Middle Eastern carrier.

From the quality of their inflight services to details about baggage handling and customer support, we’ve got you covered. But first, how about a little history lesson?

Shot from underneath a Gulf Air flight against a background of blue skies and fluffy white clouds.
Is Gulf Air Good for international travel? We’ve taken a deep dive to find out.

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Who is Gulf Air?

Before diving into whether or not Gulf Air is a solid choice for your next trip, it’s essential to understand the brand’s roots. Established in 1950 as a small-scale commuter service, this airline has come a long way.

After humble beginnings, offering shuttle flights across oil fields, the brand has blossomed to offer scheduled flights to 28 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe. Now, following extensive growth Gulf Air stands proudly as Bahrain’s national flag carrier, despite facing considerable competition from industry big hitters like Qatar Airways and Emirates. 

Now we know a little more about the brand heritage, let’s unpick whether Gulf Air matches up to your expectations. 

Where Does Gulf Air Fly From in the UK?

Although it’s broadly recognised for its direct services from Middle Eastern destinations like Bahrain to the UK, Gulf Air offers flights to a range of locations such as: 

  1. Indian Ocean islands: Paradisical locations like the Maldives
  2. Asian Reach: Plentiful options spanning India’s major cities (Delhi, Mumbai), Bangkok in Thailand reflected their Asian presence.
  3. European Cities: Iconic spots like Paris and Frankfurt form part of their well-received European circuit.
  4. Rest of The World: Extensions even run into North American routes covered under codeshare agreements updating timely.
Aerial shot of the Bahrain World Trade Centre from the waterfront
Discover enchanting Bahrain direct from London with Gulf Air

So, Are Gulf Air Good? A Complete Assessment

Yes, we can categorically say that Gulf Air is a great airline to book with. After 70 years in the game, they have the service factor down. Arabian hospitality blends perfectly with modern expectations and they certainly make a promising impression.

But let’s break down what makes them great in a little more detail. Looking, specifically at these core areas: 

  • Cabin service 
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Catering

Quality of Cabin Services (Economy vs. Falcon Gold Business Class)

Gulf Air provides two classes for its passengers: Economy and Falcon Gold, which is their business class offering.

In economy class, you can benefit from a considerable level of comfort in terms of seating space and cleanliness. While not as spacious as upgraded cabins, the seats are cozy enough and the cabin crew delivers top-notch service.

Meanwhile, Falcon Gold makes you feel like royalty. The enhanced legroom means you’re already feeling the benefits of elevated services – especially on those longer flights. For reference, the direct flight from London to Bahrain on Gulf Air takes roughly 6-8 hours. So, during that time you’re going to want to experience the very best service levels, right? Luckily the service in Falcon Gold seat is as high as it can be. 

Another nice touch from the airline is the cabin experience, where you can take a virtual tour of their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner flagship aircraft to see what to expect before climbing aboard. 

Close shot of a Gulf Air cabin crew member in her uniform on a flight at night
The cabin services on Gulf Air flights are steeped in Arabian hospitality

In-Flight Entertainment

The range of entertainment on a Gulf Air flight is a huge positive. Their onboard system offers a host of options at your fingertips including international cinematic hits from Hollywood and Bollywood to music albums and even wholesome family programmes to help keep smaller travellers entertained.

Food and Drinks on Gulf Air 

Whether you’re a foodie or not, the quality of catering on airlines is often a subject of debate. But the Gulf Air food options are a little slicker than your average. Authentic Middle-Eastern delicacies and popular global cuisines are all on the menu and prepared by trained chefs. 

Does Gulf Air serve alcohol?

Yes, they serve complimentary beers, wines and spirits, as well as a wide range of soft drinks. The beverage list is comprehensive and refined whether you fancy a cup of revitalizing coffee or prefer unwinding with flavorful wine.

Female cabin crew member serves passengers a meal on a Gulf Air flight
Delicious dishes hail from across the world

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What is the Gulf Air Customer Service Like?

Now we’ve explored what the onboard experience is like on Gulf Air why don’t we lift you off the aircraft and plonk you back on terra firma to look into the airline’s approach to service before take off? We’re talking: 

  • Check-in
  • Baggage handling
  • Boarding procedures

Checking in

Gulf Air’s check-in procedures are conveniently streamlined, making them seem faster than other airlines. But where they really start to impress is the ability for passengers to perform Gulf Air check-ins online, 24 hours prior to departure. Allowing you to significantly reduce time spent in airport queues.

Couple check in at a Gulf Air airport desk
Checking in is a breeze with Gulf Air

Baggage Handling

Gulf Air offers a comprehensive yet flexible approach that caters effectively to diverse passenger needs. In keeping with the average weight limit for checked luggage, the checked-in baggage limit for economy passengers stands at 23kg. However, if you go for Falcon Gold seats your luggage allowance improves to 32kg.

Meanwhile, in terms of hand luggage, economy class flyers can carry up to 9kg while those in Falcon Gold areas can take up to 15kg in cabin luggage. 

Getting on the Plane

The airline goes beyond simply grouping passengers according to ticket class and zone numbers. Instead, they implement top-notch ground services in line with global best practices. What that means is it doesn’t matter what class seat you are in, the airlines aims to make your wait on the tarmac as limited as possible. 

Does Gulf Air Offer Value For Money?

The million-dollar question potential passengers often ask is “How do Gulf Air ticket prices compare to their competitors?”

Gulf Air’s ticket prices lie mid-range within the industry spectrum. For example, if you want to go on holiday to Bahrain or Qatar the airline’s tickets are competitive against the likes of Emirates and Etihad Airways. 

That being said, we’d still absolutely recommend these two cheaper travel hacks for Gulf Air: 

  1. Early Bird Advantage: The airline frequently offers discounted fares on advanced bookings.
  2. Special Offers & Deals: Yes! Seasonal promotions and package deals are common features with Gulf Air and could significantly reduce costs depending on when you’re travelling.

However, it’s also worth remembering at this point that cheaper does not automatically mean ‘better’. A slightly higher-priced ticket might actually prove more valuable if it ensures a hassle-free journey with comfortable amenities. Squeezing extra legroom out of your budget can make all the difference during a long-haul flight!

Inside a Falcon Gold Business Class cabin on a Gulf Air Flight
Inside Falcon Gold Business Class cabin

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Long-haul travel is tiring and stressful, you need to be sure that the carrier you choose is going to make your journey as smooth as possible.

So, if you’re still wondering “Is Gulf Air good?” we hope we’ve managed to allay some of those worries. To summarise, the three core things you can be sure of are decent ticket prices, direct routes to locations like Bahrain and Qatar, and above-average luggage limits. 

What else could you want from a long-haul provider? 

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