Counting Down The 5 Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago (For The Loungers)

With over 80 to choose from, ensuring you’re relaxing on one of the best beaches in Trinidad & Tobago can be a daunting task. But, don’t worry, we love a challenge. That’s why we’ve studied every stretch of sand on the islands to pick our top 5.

You might be thinking “Trinidad & Tobago is a dreamy location, all the beaches will be amazing” and you’d be correct. But when you’ve paid your money for an unforgettable trip, you want to know that when you’re unfurling your towel, you’re doing it on one of the best beaches in Trinidad & Tobago.

Well, we take our beaches extremely seriously. So, we’ve whittled those 80 Tobago beaches down to just a handful. All you need to do now is decide which one looks right to you. Or map all 5 into your schedule. 

But before we get into the illustrious list, let’s take a look at what makes Trinidad & Tobago’s beaches so good. 

Aerial shot of the best beaches in Trinidad & Tobago
The best beaches in Trinidad & Tobago are definitely worth seeking out. Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash

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Why Are Trinidad & Tobago Beaches So Good?

Trinidad & Tobago’s beaches are so popular because of their dreamy Caribbean aesthetics. With the white sand, azure waters and green backdrops they are all a postcard of beachy perfection. 

But, it’s important to outline that not every beach on the islands is built with relaxation in mind. Because these twin islands boast coastlines in the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

If you like idyllic days spent kicking back on the sand or snorkelling in the endless blue, then the islands’ Caribbean west coastlines are perfect. However, if you prefer to add more adventure then the Atlantic-fringed east coast offers more surfing, windsurfing and parasailing opportunities.

Needless to say, the 5 stretches we’ve focussed on in this blog are perfect for those seeking the former beach experience. 

Aerial shot of Maracas Beach in Trinidad
You get all the colours on a T&T beach. Photo by Thruston Benny on Unsplash

What Are the Best Beaches in Trinidad & Tobago For Lounging?

The five best beaches in Trinidad & Tobago for grabbing some “you” time (and the odd sizzling Insta snap) are: 

  1. Maracas Beach
  2. Las Cuevas
  3. Blanchisseuse
  4. Pigeon Point Beach
  5. Englishman’s Bay Beach

1. Maracas Beach, Trinidad

The swaying palm trees, miles of white sand and gentle waves make this an ideal spot for anyone looking to grab some time on the sand in Trinidad. 

Just 30 minutes from the capital of Port-of-Spain and boasting a wild backdrop constructed of thick rainforest and mountains, it is a picture-perfect locale. The deep bay and expanse of powdery sand mean there’s plenty of space for everyone to get their chill on without feeling like you’re on Brighton Beach on a sunny bank holiday.

Add into that dreamy mix of sun, sea and vistas a variety of vendors selling delicious food and refreshing drinks. For those wanting to experience an authentic dish, indulge in some Bake and Shark. A local fast-food speciality made up of deep-fried shark stuffed in deep-fried bread.

And guess what! There’s also WiFi access across the beach. So, you’re able to post all your beach snaps straightaway!

2. Las Cuevas Bay, Trinidad

Staying on the stunning northern coast of Trinidad, about ten minutes away from Maracas Beach, Las Cuevas Bay is another local favourite.

Due to its horseshoe bay, there’s more protection from the winds and even calmer waves. This means paddle boarding and swimming enthusiasts can go mad on the glistening waters.

‘Las Cuevas’ is derived from the Spanish word for ‘caves’, so once you arrive get ready to explore the picturesque hidden caves surrounding the beach.

While there is still a stunning view of the majestic mountains and azure sea, this beach is a lot quieter than Maracas Beach making it an ideal choice for families. The tranquil atmosphere and beach amenities such as changing rooms, lifeguards, and snack bars will suit those who just want to spend the day catching rays and paddling along the shore!

3. Blanchisseuse Beach, Trindad

This turtle-ly amazing beach is another popular one among travellers – while remaining quite well-hidden from most tourists. A prime location for wildlife watching, you’ll often spot leatherback sea turtles and lively parrots providing more sights and sounds than just white sands and blue seas.

Blanchisseuse Beach is a great kayaking spot as it’s located on the point where the Marianne River meets the bay. When you’re done with water activities we recommend heading over to the hiking trail and rambling through the rainforest, you’ll end up stumbling across one of the perfect waterfalls you’ve ever seen!

We also recommend kicking around the local area for a while and stopping in at a couple of the local villages where you can spend the afternoon shopping for souvenirs and grabbing a delicious bite to eat. A lot of travellers tend to spend a few days here as it is such an awesome location.

It’s definitely one of the more remote beaches, but Blanchisseuse is definitely worth the visit. I mean who wouldn’t want to see a leatherback turtle, go kayaking, spot a waterfall and cap the whole experience with a delicious meal?

4. Pigeon Point Beach, Tobago

Moving over to the tiny island of Tobago now. When we reviewed St Lucia vs. Tobago we outlined Pigeon Point as a huge factor in choosing the latter destination for your next holiday.

Pigeon Point Beach offers the kind of flawless paradise-like landscape you see on postcards. Coconut trees lining the sand, warm turquoise waters protected by the incredible Buccoo Reef, and charming restaurants are just a few of the things that make this beach so captivating. Definitely take the chance to head across the reef in a glass-bottom boat – if you don’t fancy getting too close. 

If you’re looking to get that perfect candid Insta snap, there’s a wooden jetty extending from the shore which is said to be the most photographed jetty in the world.

It’s important to note there is an entrance fee of $3 to access the beach. But the funds collected are used on maintenance and ensuring the beach stays looking beautiful for locals and tourists. So you’re actually doing some good by visiting.

5. Englishman’s Bay, Tobago

The final stop on our tour of the best beaches in Trinidad and Tobago for kicking back is Englishma’s Bay Beach.

Locals refer to Englishman’s Bay as Tobago’s jewel, and it certainly lives up to that expectation. Secluded and quiet, you won’t find an army of tourists struggling to find a spot for their beach towels and parasols. In fact. most of the time you may find you have the place to yourself.

This mile-long stretch of sand has a freshwater stream flowing from the rainforest framing the sheltered beach. Just offshore is an amazing coral reef with a variety of kaleidoscopic marine life. So, make sure to bring your snorkel along with you.

When all that lounging or swimming becomes hungry work, we recommend checking out Eula’s restaurant. Here you’ll find a range of tasty snacks right on the bay front. It’s also the best location for a spot of people-watching.

Best Hotels on The Beach in Tobago

Of course, getting down on the sand requires prep. And part of that prep is finding a place to lay your head. Well, these resorts are the ideal HQs for your beachy adventure. 

  • Shepherd’s Inn, Tobago
  • Grafton Beach Resort
  • Starfish Tobago Resort 
  • Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort
  • Blue Waters Inn

Shepherd’s Inn 

Although not on the beach itself, Shepherd’s Inn is just a 10-minute drive (or 35-minute walk if you prefer) from the glistening sands of Pigeon Point Beach. And, at under £850pp, it’s one of the more affordable all-inclusive resorts in Tobago. 

Grafton Beach Resort

Unlike Shepherd’s Inn, Grafton Beach does actually find itself on the sand. Also, as it’s located over on the west side of the island, you’ll be well placed to enjoy all those white sands, azure waters and swaying palms without venturing out. What else could you want?

Grafton Beach Resort in Tobago
Grafton Beach Resort in Tobago

Starfish Tobago Resort

Located around 20 minutes from Pigeon Point Beach and around 50 minutes from Englishman’s Bay, Starfish Tobago might offer a nice middle ground for explore both of the 2 best beaches in Tobago. However, you might also want to stay put as your location on Great Courland Bay is not only an awesome beach location, but it’s also home to sea turtle nesting grounds. 

Starfish Tobago
Starfish Tobago, a beachfront hotel perfect for your escape

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort does find itself over on the east coast of Tobago. So, while you do have the benefit of an oceanfront location, if you want a calmer seascape you might want to make the 20-minute journey west to Pigeon Point. 

Blue Waters Inn

Another East Coast haunt, except this time we’ve moved to the opposite end of the island. At the 4-star Blue Waters Inn, although you are on the Atlantic side of Tobago, you find yourself in a pretty cove overlooking Batteaux Bay which helps cloister you from the wind. Plus, if you want those Caribbean dreams, you’re just an hour’s drive from Englishman’s Bay Beach.

Sun loungers set up at Blue Waters Inn, Tobago
Imagine kicking back from this vantage point. See… you don;t always need to be on the beach!

Find Out More About What to Do During Your Trinidad & Tobago Holiday

These 5 resorts are just part of a range of more awesome locations littered up and down these coastlines. They make the perfect vantage points to experience the sights, sounds, smells and (in some cases) tastes of these incredible beaches. 

We have spoken a lot about beaches in this blog. But, believe it or not, there are other things to do in this awesome country than just lounging on the sand.

Click the button below and we will give you the low-down on 10 awesome places you need to visit during your stay. 

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