Where Does Gulf Air Fly to from the UK? Our Top 3 Dazzling Destinations

You might know about Gulf Air by now – after all, they’ve been around since the 50’s. But you might not know about the dazzling destinations they touch down in. So, where does Gulf Air fly to from the UK?

It’s a question that many people find themselves asking. And you might think that the answer is awash with Middle Eastern airports. But that’s just not true. 

If you’re yearning to explore new horizons without compromising on comfort and flight enjoyment, then buckle up!

Our guide will offer a deep dive into some of the top locations Gulf Air flies to from good old Blighty. From direct destinations to more staggered trips. Stick around, as we unveil bucket-list-worthy destinations.

Shot of a Gulf Air flight in the sky surrounded by blue sky and mountains. But Where Does Gulf Air Fly to from the UK?
Where Does Gulf Air Fly to from the UK?

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Why Choose Gulf Air for Travel from the UK?

Gulf Air stands as one of the premier airline choices among excited travellers embarking on their journey from the United Kingdom. But why have many chosen to fly with this prestigious airline? Let’s delve deeper into what makes Gulf Air stand out in an ocean of carriers.

Firstly, alliances with a host of airports, carriers and other brands has seen the Gulf Air route list bulge over the last few years. Secondly, let’s talk about comfort. The in-cabin experience is part of the reason we think Gulf Air is so good. Plenty of seatroom and super attentive staff make even the longest journeys a breeze.

Finally, if luxury is your requirement, why not upgrade to Falcon Gold Class? Complete with amenities like priority check-in services and gourmet meals you can experience a real touch of first-class living.

Now we know what makes travelling with Gulf Air so attractive, let’s focus on the main event of your trip. The destination. 

Inside the cabin of a Gulf Air flight
Experience air travel in style with comfortable seating and delicious meals.

So, Where Does Gulf Air Fly to From the UK?

Gulf Air flies to over 54 destinations globally, so there’s no shortage of options when it comes to going somewhere special. However, there are some key destinations that we want to focus on to celebrate the diversity of the offering on this awesome carrier. 

  1. Bahrain
  2. The Maldives 
  3. UAE

Flying to Bahrain with Gulf Air 

Our own intrepid explorer, India recently flew to Bahrain on a Gulf Air flight. Her experience was a super pleasant one, with plenty of legroom and even upgraded seats. The great thing about using this airline to head for Bahrain is that Gulf Air are one of the only carriers to travel direct from the UK. 

The direct journey takes just over 6 hours, so why not upgrade your seats to experience the opulence of the Falcon Class?

Six hours in the sky will fly by using that WiFi to binge-watch your favourite shows or catch up on some gaming. Hey, you could even take this as an opportunity to go back on a couple of emails. Don’t let your partner see though, this is supposed to be a holiday!

Landscape view of Bahrain from across a body of water
Fly direct to Bahrain on a Gulf Air flight from the UK.

Onwards From Bahrain

This established Middle East airline operates non-stop services from London’s Heathrow Airport directly to Bahrain International Airport. From Bahrain, you can then have seamless access to many connections within Asia and Africa, as well as additional routes throughout the Middle East.

Fly to a number of destinations from the UK with Gulf Air

Travelling to the Maldives with Gulf Air 

The comforts of Falcon Class seating become even more alluring when you think about making the long journey to the Maldives. Make your luxurious break more cost-effective by booking one of our Subscriber Exclusive Maldives offers and flying with Gulf Air. 

Your journey to the paradise island on Gulf Air will stop in Bahrain before continuing on to your final destination. This stop does pull down the cost of your trip. Plus, with the luxurious cabin space and famous Arabian hospitality on board, your journey will feel more like a cruise. 

Travelling to the United Arab Emirates

Fancy exploring the glitz and glamour of the UAE? Gulf Air can get you there on a non-stop service from London. The 9-hour flight from the UK to Dubai can be a doddle with the added room and delicious meals. Plus, with all that WiFi, you’ll be more than well entertained – even if you don’t fancy any of the in-flight entertainment. 

When you touch down in the Emirates you can take your time to enjoy more of the sights in Abu Dhabi and beachfront resorts in Fujairah and Ajman.

If you’re more into outdoor activities, we’d recommend checking out the best things to do in Fujairah where the mountains and Arabian Gulf meet to create a spectacular range of landscapes.   

Aerial shot of the Palm Jumeirah Resort in Dubai
Uncover the magic of Dubai, non-stop with Gulf Air.

A Multitude of Manchester Departures

The good news, if you’re based north of the capital is that Gulf Air flies 4 times per week from Manchester direct to Bahrain. So, if you fancy exploring more of the magical Middle Eastern destination all you need to do is find out the best time to go and book your flights. 

Plus, from July 2024 that weekly flight number improves to 5, adding even more exploratory options to your holiday menu. But additional access to Bahrain International Airport isn’t just good news for Bahrain-buffs, it also means better flight frequency for Maldives fans catching connecting services from Doha too. 

Book Your Break with Blue Bay & Travel With Gulf Air Today

When you book your Bahrain, Maldives or UAE adventure with us, you’ll always have the option to choose Gulf Air as your airline. Not only does this give you the chance to experience the high-end service levels onboard, but it might even save you a couple of quid too! 

It’s always nice to have some extra money to spend on duty-free, right?

Whether you’re thinking of your next big adventure or that business trip, we recommend catching flights with Gulf Air. Find out more about this awesome airline with our comprehensive guide by clicking the button below.

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