Beyond Dubai: Unveiling 18 Fabulous Things to Do in Fujairah, UAE

These 18 incredible things to do in Fujairah showcase perfectly that there’s more to do in the UAE than simply luxing it up on the shimmering streets of Dubai & Abu Dhabi. They could make an awesome day trip option though?!

Boasting gorgeous beaches, majestic mountains, epic valleys and magical waterfalls. It’s no wonder there are so many incredible things to do in Fujairah. And we haven’t even mentioned the year-round sunshine yet!

By now we all know about the glitz and glamour of the United Arab Emirates, right?

Well, here’s something completely different, yet just as enthralling.

Fujairah’s topography, unique positioning, glamorous cities and sparkling waters ensure you’ll never get bored on a luxury escape. Does it help that it’s just 90 minutes from Dubai? Sure! But that’s enough about Dubai, let’s learn more about this excellent hidden gem Emirate. 

Arabian man exploring the best things to do in Fujairah
The range of things to do in Fujairah will have you forgetting about Dubai in a heartbeat. Photo by Malik Shibly on Unsplash

Why Go To Fujairah?

Fujairah is filled with incredible activity options. But, because of its unique location on the UAE’s East Coast, it also boasts a cooler climate than the other Emirates. Plus, with that pleasant climate and a host of luxurious resorts, Fujairah’s great as a more opulent year-round sun option.

As we mentioned previously, the 4th largest Emirate (by land mass) is still something of a hidden gem in the UAE. Fujairah is separated from the rest of the country by the spectacular Hajar Mountains. But it’s this separation that has ensured a wonderland of stunning beaches and incredible scenery. 

In addition, those imposing mountains also ensure that Fujairah is the only Emirate with a coastline on the tranquil Gulf of Oman. 

So, what can you get up to in Fujairah?

What Are The Top Things To Do In Fujairah?

  1. Fujairah Fort
  2. Fujairah Museum
  3. Hajar Mountains
  4. Al Aqah Beach
  5. Snoopy Island
  6. Diving in the Gulf of Oman
  7. Al-Bidyah Mosque
  8. Bithnah Fort
  9. Go fort spotting
  10. Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  11. Ain al-Madhab hot springs
  12. Masafi
  13. Khor Fakkan Waterfall
  14. Kayaking on Al-Rafisah Dam
  15. Explore Fujairah City
  16. Fishing in Dibba 
  17. Ziplining Over Fujairah
  18. Umbrella Beach

1. Fujairah Fort 

Constructed in 1670 and now sitting majestically as the centrepiece in a Heritage Village built by the Department of Archaeology and HeritageFujairah Fort is the oldest battlement in the UAE.

Plenty of grand halls are housed in the two round towers and square living area of the fort. The squared-off housing area has been lovingly restored following attacks from the British in the 20th century and years of elemental damage.

Take a tour of this incredible fort the next time you’re in Fujairah and discover a world of local history.  

2. Fujairah Museum

Another point of interest in the Heritage Village is the Fujairah Museum. Housing a wealth of incredible artefacts which paint a picture of life in ancient Arabia.

A bowl carved from ostrich egg which has stood the test of time over 2,000 years is the star attraction. But you’ll be able marvel at a wide range of Emirati and Bedouin weapons, tools, cutlery and clothing as you travel through the fascinating museum halls 

3. Explore the Majestic Hajar Mountains 

There’s no escaping them, the Hajar Mountains form the backdrop to many scenes in Fujairah. They pretty much act as a magnificent backrest for InterContinental Fujairah Resort.

Take A 4×4 Wadi Tour

These majestic mountains offer a myriad of adventures including wadi exploration. A wadi is essentially a dried-up river bed which makes great terrain for a 4×4 tour.

Take a guided hike around the mountains and discover some incredible nature and spectacular views out over the region. 

Hiking in the Mountains

If you’re looking for an alternative activity during your Fujairah adventure, you need to get out into the mountains on foot. Not only does this guarantee some pretty special views, but it also acts as the perfect pulse-raiser in between your lounging sessions. 

Keen hikers can get into the mountains via a multitude of routes. Each route varies in difficulty so, whether you’re an experienced head or a rookie hiker, you should be able to find the perfect route for you.  

View of Hatta Lake and the Hajar Mountains in UAE
A world of adventures await in the majestic Hajar Mountains. Photo by Lina Kivaka:

4. Kick Back on Gorgeous Al Aqah Beach  

From the mountains to the coast, Fujairah has it all. Al Aqah beach is one of, if not THE, most pristine stretches of coastline in the UAE. 

As Fujairah is the only Emirate on the east coast of the country, it lies on the Gulf of Oman side of the nation. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have coastlines on the Arabian Gulf side.

This location on the Gulf of Oman ensures crystalline warm waters come with that stretch of powder-soft, golden sand on Al Aqah beach. Luxurious five-star resorts like InterContinental Fujairah Resort also line this stretch of stunning sand.

5. Discover Snoopy Island 

Less of a friendly canine cartoon character and more of a rocky outcrop just off the coast of Fujairah. Snoopy Island is another well-guarded secret of the Emirate.

A haven for wildlife, the dot of land is an incredibly rich spot to indulge in some submarine fun. The plethora of marine life that call the waters around Snoopy Island home will dazzle you as you paddle around.

Water sports are also a big element to the good times on the island. Kayaking or canoeing are a soothing way to spend some time spotting the wildlife and generally chilling in the majesty of nature.

6. Go Diving In The Gulf Of Oman

Speaking of awesome water sports and submarine activities. Many resorts along the coastline will offer diving or water sports so you can get out on the Gulf. 

For example, Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa is one of the stunning hotels located right on Al Aqah beach with a PADI-certified dive centre on-site. The resort’s diving team will not only be able to coach you through the ins & outs of diving in the area if you’re a newbie, but they’ll also guide you to all the best spots. 

Catch a glimpse of sea turtles, sharks and rays coasting majestically through the warm waters as well as schools of kaleidoscopic fish. Many spots in Abu Dhabi offer reef snorkelling or diving trips, but Fujairah’s unique east coast positioning places you perfectly for underwater adventures 

7. Discover Al Bidyah – The Oldest Mosque in The UAE

Stepping back on terra firma, Fujairah is a largely Muslim region, so it’ll come as little surprise that the Emirate boasts a wealth of landmarks dedicated to its religious heritage. 

The oldest of which is Al Bidyah mosque. Made from a combination of mud and stone over 500 years ago it’s considered one of the great engineering accomplishments of its time. 

8. Bithnah Fort

While we’re on the subject of really old landmarks… During the 18th century, Bithnah Fort had the important job of watching over the eastern area of the UAE by maintaining the safety of the passes through the Hajar Mountains. 

Take a tour around the fort and discover a colourful world of stories from the region’s enthralling past.  

But Bithnah isn’t the only ancient fortification in this part of the world. 

9. Go Fort Spotting

There are many forts spread across the UAE. Fujairah is home to 6 ancient sites and you have the opportunity to rent a vehicle to see them all during your holiday. So, what are these antiquated treasures?

  1. Fujairah Fort
  2. Masafi Fort
  3. Bithnah Fort
  4. Al Hayl Castle
  5. Ohala Fort
  6. Al Badiyah

Each one is a vision in sandstone and offers a delightful view into this diverse nation’s past. Going back in history as far as Al-Bthnah in the 18th century and as recent as the 19th. Touring these locations is a wonderful adventure for culture vultures with a taste for history. 

10. Marvel at Sheikh Zayed Mosque  

Back to mosques now and another must see in Fujairah is the incredibly opulent Sheikh Zayed MosqueLocated in the city of Fujairah, the mosque is the second largest in the country and certainly imposes itself on the cityscape.

With a grand hall which can accommodate up to 32,000 worshippers you can get a feel for just how vast this incredible structure is. Whilst non-Muslim visitors aren’t allowed in the interior, you can walk around the breath-taking exterior and grab some pretty insane snaps.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah
The stunning scenery of Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah. Image by Makalu from Pixabay

11. Take a Dip In the Ain al-Madhab Hot Springs  

Natural underground springs pump warm sulphuric water into two main pools. Take a relaxing soak after a busy day of incredible sight-seeing. A particular favourite over the weekend with families.

Men and women bathe in separate mineral pools at this popular site in the foothills of the mountains.  

12. Visit a Masafi Market

Want to see a piece of everyday life in the villages surrounding Fujairah? Then Masafi is perfect.

On your way into the village be sure to check out the markets at the side of the main road. Locals trade everything from fresh fruit and veg through to handmade crafts and artworks.  

13. Witness the Beauty of Khor Fakkan Waterfall

Next up on our list of awesome things to do in Fujairah is Khor Fakkan Waterfall. Located in the heart of the city, this impressive fall sees water cascading down from a height of over 100 feet into a pool below.

But there’s more than just crashing water on offer here. Surrounded by a lush green park, with plenty of walking trails and picnic areas to enjoy, you can also take in the interesting Khor Fakkan Museum.

The museum showcases the rich history and culture of Fujairah, with exhibits featuring ancient artifacts, archaeological discoveries, and interactive displays. Wander its halls and learn more about Emirati history, culture, and traditions.

14. Go Kayaking on Al-Rafisah Dam

Venture around 4 miles inland from Khor Fakkan and you come to the vast Al-Rafisah Dam. A hit with local families, this body of water is shrouded by the majestic Hajar Mountains. 

At this popular spot offers a world of activity options just outside of Fujairah City. Sit and catch a minute with a picnic on the banks or spot unique wildlife in the tropical surroundings, you can make up your hamper with supplies from the local shops that also hug the water.

On the other hand, you could also relax with a snack at one of the nearby restaurants or cafes. There’s also the option of getting out on the water with kayak or canoe hire available. 

Easy to see why so many people like this tranquil spot!

15. Explore Fujairah City

What’s a holiday to the Emirates without heading into the city? 

Fujairah City is, unsurprisingly, the Emirate’s capital city. But it’s an Arabian city with a lot of culture. Here you’ll find that antiquated, authentic souks or bazaars rub shoulders with gleaming high-rises. 

Two of the most common activities in any city are shopping and dining. So let’s quickly jump into what’s about for shopaholics and foodies in Fujairah City.

Firstly, if you’re a coffee lover, you couldn’t be in a more coffee-mad city! Check out the stunning environment at De 19th Cafe

Shop ’til you drop in Fujairah Mall

Fujairah Mall is the premiere shopping centre in the Emirate. Crammed into its sprawling 35,000 square metre area are 100 high-street stores, a well-populated food court, 11-screen cinema and Magic Planet – an entertainment area with gaming options for all ages. Perfect for shopaholics after a bargain or if the inevitable happens and you find that you’ve left a holiday essential at home. 

Dine on Delicious Cuisine

When it comes to dining, Fujairah City has a wide range of options to suit every taste and budget. From traditional Emirati cuisine to international favourites, there’s something for everyone. Some of the most popular restaurants in the city include Al Meshwar Restaurant, which serves traditional Lebanese cuisine from sites in Fujairah and Dubai.

If you’re looking for a taste of authentic Emirati cuisine, then Arjeela is the place to go. Delicious plates of Arabic favourites come out of this kitchen morning, noon and night. 

Alternatively, if you want a taste of home, The Orangery is one of the best restaurants in the city. Serving fine European fusion cuisine in a stunning art deco environment. This place is well worth a visit. There’s so much to choose from here – maybe we’ll write another blog solely about the best Fujairah eateries. 

16. Go Fishing in Dibba

Previously an important port of pre-Islamic Arabia, Dibba is now a popular tourist area in northern Fujairah. The main attraction here is the super deep sea. If you love some fishing, this place is home to some of the most unique game fish in the world. 

Alternatively, if you prefer to live among the marine life, Dibba Rock is a renowned diving spot. The depths allow for viewing a wide variety of species, from sea turtles to colourful fish and humongous rays. 

17. Take On The World’s Longest Zipline

The penultimate stop on our tour of the awesome things to do in Fujairah is sure to get your blood pumping. 

Okay, so technically this zipline is in the neighbouring Emirate of Ras al Khaimah. But, when the world’s longest zipline is within striking distance you’re going to check it out, right?! 

Flying from a point on Jebel Jais Mountain for nearly 3km at just under 75 mph is as close as you’re probably ever going to get to achieving flight. 

18. Explore Umbrella Beach

If you’re looking for an incredible, condensed view of Fujairah and all its best elements then you need to head for Umbrella Beach. It’s the final stop on our selection of things to do in Fujairah and we’ve definitely saved the best ’til last. 

At Umbrella Beach you’ll find a taste of everything. One of the best beaches in the city is here, but just back from the shore is a modern boardwalk with artistic installations, picnic areas and quaint shops which have been made to look like an American shopping village. We also recommend sticking around until the end of the day as you’re treated to an incredible sunset over the water. 

Go for a dip in the Gulf of Oman, catch five with a delicious coffee, or get a bit of shopping done all in one place. 

Ready To See It For Yourself? You’re Going to Need a Hotel 

This list of amazing, and varied, things to do in Fujairah showcases just how enticing this hidden gem is.

All of a sudden, that speculative break in a new part of the world is starting to look pretty enticing, right?! 

If you agree, we’ve got a couple of resorts you might want to take a look at. Did someone say five-star luxury and year-round sunshine?

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