The Scariest Places In The Caribbean Revealed: 8 Bone-Chilling Sun Spots

We bet you didn’t know this gorgeous part of the world had a super spooky side. We’re revealing the scariest places in the Caribbean and the monsters that dwell there. 

Everybody knows how beautiful the Caribbean is. But did you also know this place is loaded with scary stories and spooky monsters?

We can think of no better time to take you through the scariest places in the Caribbean than on the spookiest day of them all, Halloween. 

So, prepare yourselves for an island spooktacular, as we reveal the most bone-chilling spots, the stories that made them so deliciously devilish, and the macabre monsters that still dwell there. 

The 8 Scariest Places in the Caribbean

  •  Rose Hall Great House, Montego, Bay Jamaica 
  •  Chase crypt, Barbados  
  •  Chacachacare, Trinidad & Tobago  
  •  Eden Brown Estate, Nevis
  •  Colon Cemetery, Cuba  
  •  Chichen Itza, Tulum, Mexico  
  •  Tortuga, Haiti  
  •  The Lost City of Atlantis, Bahamas

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What Makes Them So Terrifying?

Map of the scariest places in the Caribbean
The story of the witch of Rose Hall House, Jamaica
Learn about Chase Crypt in Barbados
Chacachacare in Trinidad & Tobago has a terrifying past
The Eden Brown Estate in Nevis is cursed by a scorned bride

Learn about the demons that dwell in Colon Cemetary, Cuba
Learn more about Chichen Itza's gruesome past
The Caribbean used to be teeming with pirates
More info about the Lost City of Atlantis
Learn about voodoo zombies in Haiti

Learn More About The Monsters Of The Caribbean

Next time you pitch up on the islands, why not take yourself on a terrifying tour of the spookiest places in the area? 

If you want to learn more about the monsters featured above, click the button below and we’ll give you a proper introduction. 

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