Speedboat Transfer In The Maldives: What To Expect On Your Island Arrival

What’s it like to experience a speedboat transfer in the Maldives? You’re so close to your island paradise, with just the hotel transfer to go. But this is no standard air-conditioned bus ride from the airport to the resort. We uncover what it’s like to go barreling over the surf in one of the most beautiful locations on earth. 

When you’ve finished a long flight to your awesome holiday destination, there’s usually a long, boring bus journey to peg on to the end of your trip as you go from the airport to the hotel. 

But, nothing in the Maldives is ever boring and there’s a whole lot of Indian Ocean between the airport in Male and most of the archipelago. So, how are you getting there? 

It’s either a seaplane or a speedboat transfer in the Maldives. But what’s it like on the boat? Will you be sick? Is it comfortable or super bumpy? We’ll reveal all. 

Speedboat transfers in the Maldives moored against the jetty
What’s it like to have a speedboat transfer in the Maldives? Photo by Matteo Modica on Unsplash

What is a speedboat transfer?

As 99% of the Maldives is made up of water, it’s perfectly logical that a lot of resorts use speedboat transfers.

Instead of being sat in a hot minibus with windows that don’t open and your legs crammed up against the seats. You can take an exhilarating speedboat transfer across the waves.

If you’re picturing a little James Bond-style speedboat, think a bit bigger. With room for your luggage and other holidaymakers, there’s enough space for everyone.

You’ve arrived at the airport, what’s next?

Catching your speedboat transfer is actually very simple. Once you arrive at the airport, you may need to wait for the arrival of other guests. Then, you can make your way to the jetty across from the airport terminal, where the speedboat will be waiting.

Speedboat transfers have to be booked in advance, so it’s important to make sure everything is organised. A lot of the time the resorts organise these transfers for you, based on your flight details.

You can take a speedboat transfer after a domestic flight or a seaplane transfer. Sometimes you may not even need the additional speedboat transfer if the seaplane can take you directly to your resort.

Unlike seaplanes which only fly during the day, they run from day to night, however most of the scheduled times are during daylight.

View of a Maldivian island from the deck of a speedboat
Take in the superb views from the boat. Photo by Matteo Modica on Unsplash

Finally, you’re on the speedboat ready to go!

Depending on how far away your resort is, or if there are any stops in between, the transfer can take between 10-70 minutes.

The boats also vary in size, so you may be on one that has 10 seats, or even 40 seats! The one below is the vessel that took Faye Brookes to her Maldives honeymoon at Cocogiri Island Resort

There is also no air conditioning on a speedboat, but don’t worry, you will have the breeze blowing through your hair. Some boats also offer the opportunity to sit out the top so you can really take in the views.

Make sure to look out for dolphins and flying fish as you make your way across the waves. 

The Cocogiri Island Resort transfer boat
This was the boat that took Faye to her honeymoon on a paradise island in the Maldives

Can you book a private speedboat transfer?

Of course, you can! Obviously, it comes at a price, but if you’re willing to pay the extra then they are available.

There are advantages to private transfers, such as not having to wait for other passengers to arrive. You can also take more baggage but are limited to the capacity of the speedboat.

However, if your resort is quite far away from the airport, this is going to come at a bigger cost. 

Aerial shot of some boats arriving and leaving an island in the Maldives
You could also take the choice to rent a private vessel to start your luxury trip the right way. Photo by Syd Sujuaan on Unsplash

Let’s ride the waves!

If you’re ready to feel take in magical views as you make your way to your destination, a speedboat transfer to your Maldivian resort is the one.

Although we did mention it’s not quite the same as a James Bond speedboat, there’s nothing stopping you from living your best 007 moment.

If you are planning on taking a seaplane rather than a domestic flight, click the button below to check out our guide to seaplane transfers in the Maldives for more information.

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