Sandals and Beaches are now offering on-site COVID testing for travellers needing to provide a negative test before returning home.

With the recent news that the UK will be following models used in Australia and the United States which see travellers needing to provide negative COVID-19 tests before making their journey home. The Sandals team are aiming to make that process easier for their guests.

All-inclusive Sandals and Beaches resorts will now be offering complimentary in-resort coronavirus testing.

Sandals Ochi

You will now be able to visit a Sandals COVID testing centre before returning to the UK

Sandals Testing

In a statement released towards the end of January Sandals Resorts International announced this latest offering confirming that the testing will be:

“conducted by approved and practiced medical professionals, with our guests’ maximum convenience in mind”

The news comes after Boris Johnson recently announced UK holidaymakers are now required to provide negative tests before travelling home.

Sandals Barbados

There are worse places to be taking a COVID test

Solving the self source issue

As part of those rules surrounding testing ahead of travel, the government detailed that it is up to holidaymakers to source acceptable testing in the destination they’re visiting.

This latest announcement from Sandals is designed to help visitors feel more comfortable travelling during the pandemic and to take away the stress of sourcing a UK government-recognised testing centre in a foreign country.

someone holding a positive COVD-19 test sample

Failure to adhere to isolation laws could result in fines of up to £10,000 or jail time for providing misleading info about destinations visited

The “red list”

Those travelling from, or having visited, countries on the government’s “red list” will now be refused access to the UK, unless you are a UK citizen or have residence rights in the UK.

If you’re a British citizen and you have visited one of the destinations on the latest list, you will be required to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days without access to the Test to Release Scheme.

Fines have been put in place for quarantine flouters and those found to be lying about having visited a “red-listed” country could face up to 10 years in prison.