Blue Bay Travel’s Sponsored Lent

As lent arrives, our favourite things leave! In aid of the Douglas Macmillan Hospice, we will be giving up some of our favourite snacks, drinks, and treats! Starting March 6th and ending on April 18th, it is sure to be a tough six weeks for those taking part. But, with such a good charity which is close to so many of our hearts, I’m sure we will have no problem taking the sacrifice. Between the 18 taking part, there is a range of things being tossed onto the backburner for the next 40 days. These range from energy drinks to chocolate, takeaways to crisps, smoking to coffee and we even have a member of staff taking part in a proper fast. You can help us out with making a donation to spur us on. All the proceeds will go directly to The Dougie Mac and help to sustain their amazing efforts.


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The Douglas Macmillan Hospice provides free service to patients with life-limiting illnesses in the North Staffordshire areas. The team of specialists and volunteers work endlessly to provide care to individuals, families, carers, and patients whenever possible. They strive to go further than possible to provide a friendly and peaceful environment whilst committing to a high level of care. You can stay up to date with our best Lent efforts on Twitter and on this blog which will be updated if anyone caves in to their urges and has to pay a monetary fine!

 Day One:

A few grumpy faces as people are missing their mid-morning treats but we are feeling confident! The best story so far comes from one of our Sales Team Leaders Abbie Heaton who drove onto McDonalds before realising she couldn’t have her morning bagel and coffee!

Weekend One:

A poor start to the week as we have to name and shame two people! Campaign Co-Ordinator Jon Matthews broke his cigarette duck on Friday night and Abbie Heaton is back again as she caved into an oatcake frenzy on Sunday morning. They have subsequently paid their £5 fines. AND we had someone trying to hide away our fine another one of our Sales Team Leaders Leighton Glover summoned himself back to the chocolate lifestyle!

Week One:

We have another couple who have strayed off the path this weekend. Jo has caved at Mcdonalds and Richard has ceased his fast after getting back from Czech Republic!

Week Two:

After our staff night out, we had a few cavings which are obviously never good. The silver lining? There is more £s in the charity pot!


We absolutely smashed it and are well on our way to beating our annual target of £1,000! Major props to those who lasted the whole duration!!

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