1. You can buy a pint of beer in the airport at 7am and post a photo of yourself drinking it on social media
  2. Your numeracy skills will improve – currency, exchange rates and conversion are a daily consideration when you go abroad
  3. Your passport wants to be used
  4. You’ll meet some incredible people from all walks of life
  5. You owe it to your taste buds to try new dishes
  6. You’ll try something you’ve never done before
  7. You’ll actually enjoy getting lost
  8. You’ll see some breath-taking views
  9. You’ll take some epic selfies
  10. You’ll see wild animals that don’t live in the UK
  11. You’ll see flowers, plants and trees that you’ve never seen before
  12. You’ll soak up the local culture
  13. You can buy yourself some sweeeet souvenirs
  14. You can catch up on all those books you’ve been promising to read (our recommendation: Hunger Games trilogy)
  15. You’ll enjoy missing home
  16. You’ll stop making excuses - your family will be here when you get back and that new kitchen you’re saving for? There’s nothing wrong with your old one
  17. You’ll realise just what little ground you cover in your daily life
  18. You’ll get a sun tan
  19. You’ll create memories to tell the Grandkids
  20. You’ll return fresh, invigorated and ready to book your next one

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Source: Warner Bros pictures