Where’s Hot in February? Our Complete Guide On Where To Go & Why

Getting a holiday booked can be the perfect carrot for helping to navigate the difficult terrain of January. But, where’s hot in February? And why should you be getting that escape on the calendar? (As if you needed a reason, right?!)

You’ve made it through January! You deserve a reward. But not just any reward will do. You need a holiday – a proper holiday, one with sunshine and everything. So, why don’t we tell you where’s hot in February?

There’s nothing worse than getting through January to book an escape that ends up as a damp squib. That’s not how we roll. 

Instead, why don’t we tell you about all the most amazing places you should be booking in the second month of the year? 

Aerial shot of St Lucia, one of the best answers to the question "Where's hot in February?"
Where’s hot in February? We’ve got a few spots for you! Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Best Place to Go on Holiday in February: Our Verdict

Back in December, we selected Barbados as our place to be around the holidays. But in February we really are coming into the most exciting time for a Caribbean break.

So, if you’re seeking out warmth during the second month of the year, St. Lucia shines as a top contender and is our sure-fire answer to your question: where is hot in February?

Why Visit St Lucia in February?

Stunning landscapes, idyllic beaches, and vibrant culture – these are just a few reasons that make St Lucia one of the best places to travel in February for warm weather. You’ll find yourself utterly captivated by the unique beauty of this Caribbean paradise.

February ushers in delightfully warm heat without being overwhelming. Mean daytime temperatures rest around 27°C – perfect for basking under palm trees or exploring turquoise depths teeming with marine life at snorkeling spots like Anse Chastanet Reef.

The nights bring welcome relief from peak daily heat as they cool slightly to around 23°C. Light showers occasionally punctuate this period; however rest assured that typical rainfall totals are significantly lower than other months allowing those mesmerizing sunsets to be replete with golden hues.

Its natural charm aside, cultural richness runs deep within the tapestry of language, art, music and even the aromatic allure of Creole cuisine. Moreover, a visit to St Lucia during February aligns with their annual carnival – an experience brimming with vivacious music, vibrant attire and rhythmic dance routines –- guaranteeing you February sunshine combined with magnificent local fervor.

Best Caribbean Destinations in February

The charismatic charm of the Caribbean has always held travellers in awe. Its mix of tropical weather, azure seas, and diverse culture make it an ideal haven for those seeking a warm retreat in February.

Plus, as we just mentioned, February is Carnival season across a bunch of Caribbean islands. The festivities will add a multitude colour to your unforgettable escape. 

  1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  2. Trinidad and Tobago
  3. Jamaica
  4. Cancun, Mexico

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana slips right on to this list. Boasting some of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic, which is just as well really, as the temperature in February favors languid days on the sand offering average highs of 28°C. Perfect for enjoying some winter sun or taking a dip in the lapping waves.

Make sure to pay a visit to Hoyo Azul Lagoon at Scape Park — a mystic cenote nestled within a leafy trail of an eco-adventure park or dance to Merengue beats as you explore local bars bustling with nightlife.

Aerial shot of a beach in Dom Rep
February is the perfect time to explore the best beaches in the Dominican Republic. Photo by Joshua Wilkinson on Unsplash

Trinidad and Tobago

If you’re currently trying to decide between St Lucia or Trinidad & Tobago, you’ll be glad to know that Trinidad in February boasts similar conditions to those found in St Lucia. 

But, while there are a whole host of amazing places to visit in Trinidad and Tobago, the main even on the island is certainly the Trinidad Carnival. The party to end all parties, this feast of colour and sound is so popular it pulls in huge names like Lil Kim, Ashanti and Mya to join in the fun. 

In addition to Carnival season, the calmer Febrary weather also offers the ideal opportunity to stretch out on some of the best beaches in Trinidad & Tobago. So, if all that music and dancing becomes a little overwhelming, there’s always somewhere gorgeous and calming to retreat to. 

Aerial shot of Maracas Beach in Trinidad & Tobago
Imagine spending your February kicking back here. Photo by Thruston Benny on Unsplash

Looking for a Toba-rgain? Check out our guide to the island’s best budget-friendly getaways


Located southward on our map is none other than the heart-stirring island nation of Jamaica. Undeniably one of the best Caribbean destinations in February, averaging around 29°C during daytime. Its rich spirit echoes in harmonious reggae rhythms while its vibrant lifestyle and indomitable joy are infectious.

Delve into Kingston’s Bob Marley Museum and browse through his personal memorabilia or experience Montego Bay’s well-renowned Doctor’s Cave Beach where turquoise waters and sun-kissed sand await impatiently!

Remember that you’re not only here for blissful beach-lazing: treat your taste-buds with local delights like ‘ackee & saltfish’ (Jamaica’s national dish) that will have your palate enthralled long after you’ve left its shores.

Cancun, Mexico

As well as being the perfect time to take in Carnival in the Caribbean, February is also the ideal time to choose between Mexico and the Dominican Republic. We mentioned Mexico back in September, but the good vibes just keep coming on the Caribbean coast. 

But our journey continues in Cancun—a treasure chest filled with pristine beaches lining gorgeous stretches beside Mayan ruins rising majestically against breathtaking clifftops. With February sending mercury levels to around 29°C, it is a perfect time to visit.

Chichen Itza—the ancient Mayan city—is an exquisite historical landmark documented as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, and a must-visit for any Cancun traveller.

At nightfall, witness vibrant nightlife enunciated by tunes varying from mariachi strums to pulsating electronic beats enhancing your Mexican escape!

Top Tip

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Best European Holiday Destinations in February

Traveling across the vast and diverse landscapes of Europe during February brings you face-to-face with some truly mesmerizing destinations. The weather starts to favor the brave a bit more and can provide quite the refreshing escape from frosty hometowns.

So, where’s hot in February? It’s time to turn our gaze towards two sun-filled gems – Santorini and Lanzarote.

Santorini, Greece

Everyone raves about Greek summers – but have you ever thought of paying a visit to Greece when it is less crowded? That’s one blissful secret that Santorini reveals only during February. Now imagine witnessing the cascading white buildings against azure skies without an army of sun-seekers photobombing your frame!

Known for its postcard-perfect villages embroidered on cliffs over the Aegean Sea, Santorini maintains a pleasant temperature during these winter months. During daylight hours, you’ll still get enough warmth for comfortable exploration. The warm days complement perfectly with cooler nights rendering a beautiful chance to enjoy unforgettable sunset views plunged into caldera from Fira or Oia.

It’s also worth noting that although many shops and restaurants close down outside the peak season, there will be sufficient ones open allowing for authentic experiences with local businesses and cuisine. Heading to Santorini in February could be a nice way to keep the cost of your stay down

Sun soaked view of Santorini
February is your time to discover the iconic streets of Santorini. Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric

Cheap Santorini Holiday Deals

Want to experience this iconic destination for less? Check out our two five-star Santorini resort deals available now. Explore the island for under £1,300pp. 

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Part of Spain’s tropical cluster of Canary Islands off West Africa, Lanzarote offers winter warmness and masses of sunshine.

Discover a unique martian landscape punctuated by verdant palm groves and surreal art installations interweaving seamlessly with natural attractions. Whether ambling among playful waves, along pristine beaches or discovering the captivating beauty of Timanfaya National Park‘s lava fields, Lanzarote guarantees a balmy retreat away from frigid winters.

February’s temperate weather and sparse rainfall mark an ideal time not just for exploration also for outdoor pursuits such as hiking, cycling or surfing – bringing diverse travel preferences under the warm Canarian sun.

Beaches in Lanzarote
Experience the otherwordly landscapes of Lanzarote. Photo by Roderick Mintjens

Where to go long-haul in February?

Prefer to push the boat out and head further afield?

Deciding on the best long-haul holiday destination in February can be challenging, given the breadth of options. However, some destinations stand out from the crowd and offer an unparalleled travel experience during this month. If a long-haul adventure is what you seek, then Abu Dhabi and Phuket should top your list.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi, with its unique blend of modern sophistication, vibrant cultural heritage, and warm Arabian hospitality is a great choice. In February, the city offers pleasant temperatures averaging around 22°C—comfortable enough for both beach relaxation and city exploration without the scorching summer heat.

Consider visiting Yas Island where you can get your adrenaline pumping at Ferrari World or unwind at Yas Beach. For a touch of culture, marvel at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque‘s exquisite architecture—one of the world’s largest mosques and one of the best things to do in the UAE—or meander through Qasr al Hosn, an intriguing historical site within bustling downtown.

Affluent in luxury resorts and signature Arabian experiences—from traditional Bedouin camps to camel riding—Abu Dhabi mirrors an oasis amidst desert sands that will captivate any traveller seeking a unique sojourn.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi
Take your chance to explore the great mosques of Abu Dhabi. Image by Makalu from Pixabay

Phuket, Thailand

We know we featured Phuket in October, but the Pearl of Andaman is still one of the best long-haul holiday destinations in February. During this period, you can enjoy Thailand’s dry season with average temperature highs of 32°C, as well as a full-on getaway adorned with sunny skies perfect for basking by beautiful white sandy beaches.

Must-visit spots include Patong Beach for water sports and dusk entertainment in Bangla Road’s lively night scene. To appreciate the island’s serene side more profoundly, we recommend tranquil Kata Noi Beach or Promthep Cape – renowned for breathtaking sunset views.

No trip to this part of the world is complete without sampling delicious Thai street food like Pad Thai, Green Curry or Tom Yum Soup. Get involved in a cooking class to take those indulgent taste buds on an unforgettable gastronomic journey back home.

Between exploring local markets for charismatic handicrafts, visiting the famous Big Buddha perched high above the island, and indulging in authentic Thai massages—Phuket guarantees a rewarding charm unlike any other.

Beach in Phuket
There are some gorgeous beaches available to you in Phuket in February. Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

Hot and Cheap Holiday Destinations in February

Money is still tight in February, we get it. But embarking on an adventure to an exotic, sun-drenched locale doesn’t have to break the bank. Planning a cheap holiday for the month of February offers you favorable conditions, as many travel operators provide enticing deals (wink… wink) after the peak season rush.

Below are some destinations that are hot during this time while conveniently being light on your wallet.

1. Bali, Indonesia

A tropical paradise, Bali is replete with lush green rice terraces, serene temples, captivating traditional dance performances and lively beach bars. Despite boasting these fascinating offerings, Bali is incredibly affordable with regard to accommodation and food options.

2. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech rejoices in warm temperatures during February. You can stroll around bustling souks brimming with vibrant-colored spices and handwoven rugs without feeling dehydrated or overly hot due to reasonable temperatures during this period. One way to drive down the cost of your stay is to think about experiencing a brilliant but budget-friendly escape in Morocco.

Marrakesh markets
You could take the chance to experience the marvellous Moroccan medinas

What Are the Hottest Places to Visit in February?

If your idea of paradise involves basking under the sun and feeling its warmth against your skin, there are several options available even during the wintry month of February. From our list above, Phuket tops the hottness scale with a balmy 33°C. However, St Lucia and the Dominican Republic offer a more comfortable average temperature around 26°C. 

Lanzarote boasts a pleasing 21°C. But if you’re willing to go a bit further in search of your winter sun, Abu Dhabi with temperatures around 22-25°C, offers a nice medium between the milder Canaries and steamy Phuket.

How To Save on Holidays in February

We have covered some top offers and ways to save on your holiday in February already. But here are four more top tips to saving big on your second-month escape:

  1. Be flexible – Search for flights during weekdays or off-peak hours when fares are usually lower.
  2. Package deals – We offer comprehensive packages; these bundles include hotel stays along with airfare saving you money as compared to booking them individually.
  3. Advance bookings & Last-minute offers – While a last-minute deal can offer significant savings if you’re lucky, it comes with risk having very limited choices left especially at popular tourist spots. Hence making advance reservations might prove beneficial considering the broad array of choices available at competitive prices.
  4. Going Local – Opting to eat and shop where locals do can lead to surprising discoveries at lesser prices.

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