Where’s Hot In October? A Guide To Autumn Warmth For Sun Chasers

We’re moving into autumn and the weather is turning. But if, instead of pulling on your big coat, you’re wondering “Where’s hot in October?” Then put down the pumpkin spiced latte and check out these toasty sun spots. 

The grey clouds, billowing winds and pouring rain have rumbled in. You’re now living solely off tomato soup and squinting through misted-up glasses whenever you enter a room.

But, if you’re not yet ready to pull on the chunky knit and have done with it, let’s take you through some of the best holiday destinations in October

We’ll outline the top spots in Europe and further afield, as well as rounding up our 8 top picks for October sun. Plus, we’ll also define which locales see the most hours of sunlight – sorry zombies, Halloween can wait. 

Aerial shot of the beach at Le Telfair Resort in Mauritius
Le Telfair Resort in Mauritius is perfect if you’re wondering where’s hot in October.

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Where’s Hot in October? Best Location

If you’re looking for the absolute best holiday destination in October, then look no further than Mauritius.

Packed with awesome things to do, the white sandy shores of Mauritius catch an amazing 8 hours of sunlight a day at this time of year.

October in Mauritius signals the run-up to summertime. So, temperatures start moving up to a warming 25-27 degrees. Those milder conditions, coupled with the cheaper room and flight prices can also coincide with half-term – making family holidays in Mauritius a strong option in October. 

During those 8 hours of balmy sunlight, spend your time chilling out on the dreamy beaches or snorkelling the coral reefs of the warm Indian Ocean. On the other hand, you might like to get out and explore more of the 9 districts of Mauritius. If so, Black River Gorges National Park, Chamarel 7-Coloured Earth, or Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens are all strong options. 

Meanwhile, if you time your adults-only Mauritius holiday right, you could also bear witness to the island illuminating for annual Diwali celebrations. Check out our list of awesome couples resorts in Mauritius and get out there.

Where In Europe is Hot in October?

If you’re thinking about staying closer to home then get over to Greece or Cyprus. While the UK shudders through the cold, these Mediterranean nations are still living it up in the sun. But where is best?

Where To Go In Greece In October?

October in Greece sees the temperature start to slide the later you go. However, you can be sure of avoiding any sense of cooling by heading south. We mentioned the Dodecanese Island in our look at where’s hot in September and they remain a big tourist draw in October too. 

Locations like Kos, Rhodes and Crete are perfect. In Kos, charming towns like Kardamena come alive with cozy cafes and authentic Greek tavernas. Meanwhile, the medieval streets of Rhodes Town offer a stunning sun-drenched stroll for couples, while beach lovers can bask in the lingering warmth at Tsambika Beach. 

As for Chania in Crete, October paints it in a serene palette. Explore the Venetian Harbor, where seafood restaurants offer the day’s freshest catch, and nature lovers shouldn’t miss hiking in Samaria Gorge. 

Aerial view of Santorini in Greece
Gorgeous Greece is a picture in October

Where To Go In Cyprus In October?

As we said above, travelling south through the Dodecanese is normally a good plan for hot weather holidays in October. So, it stands to reason that, if you travel further south you’ll come to a stunning sun spot. Well, that’s exactly where you’ll find Cyprus. 

With average temperatures hovering around 25°C and approximately 8 hours of sunshine daily, there’s plenty to enjoy. Like warm and uncrowded beaches in stunning locations like Paphos. 

While you’re in town, check out the Paphos Archaeological Park. This 4th-century complex is, unsurprisingly, a UNESCO-protected site and includes finds from the Roman period right up to the Middle Ages. 

Aerial view of Lanarca town in Cyprus
Stunning Cyprus is ready to welcome you in October. Photo by Datingjungle on Unsplash

Best Long-Haul Destinations in October

Now you know where to head in search of sunny mid-haul destinations, why don’t we check out what’s on the menu in October if you travel further afield?

As October holiday destinations go, you don’t get much more attractive than Thailand or Sri Lanka.

Where To Go In Sri Lanka In October?

Much the same as Mauritius, October in Sri Lanka is just building up to the high season. That means temps will be rising, but still manageable for getting out and seeing more of this incredible country. Plus, prices will be more accessible. 

Sure you could get an amazing Sri Lanka beach holiday booked up right here and now and you won’t be disappointed. However, with the mercury still rising and the country coming fresh off the wet season, October is a great time to get a Sri Lanka tour in the diary. 

If you’re short on time, think about a 7-night Sri Lanka Tour. This way, you get to see all the top sights in a blockbuster trip without using up all your holidays ahead of the busy Xmas period. 

On the other hand, if you fancy a blowout and want to see every face of this awesome country, how about a tour and beach trip? Our 5-Night Tour & 7-Night Jie Jie Beach by Jetwing stay gives you the opportunity to see the sights but also tags an epic beachfront stay onto the end of your adventure. It’s the perfect exploration/R&R combo. 

The Gathering in Sri Lanka - elephants come together in one of the national parks
Witness the animals frolicking after the rains have dissipated on a tour of Sri Lanka

Where To Go In Thailand In October?

If Sri Lankan adventure isn’t your scene, or you’re weighing up between a city break and beach escape, then Thailand in October is a real option too. In fact, it’s probably one of the hottest holiday destinations in October, especially in the capital.


Set up a steamy stay in Bangkok for a metropolitan break with more oomph. Temperatures on the ground will be up around the early 30s. But a beer on the streets of Bangkok is around £1.70, so it won’t cost you too much to cool down,


Away from the city, there are lots of amazing things happening in Thailand in October. Over on the West Coast, Phuket is coming out of the wet season so the beaches are opening up again for another busy season.

Alternatively, the rainy period ending means it’s a great time to see the Thai jungle. The Khao Sok National Park is just outside Phuket and offers a window into this verdant world of wildlife – travel down the bulging Sok River for a more unique experience. 

Chiang Mai

Meanwhile, culture vultures should hot-foot it north to Chiang Mai. The Yi Peng Lantern Festival, where thousands of lanterns light up the night sky, creates an awesome atmosphere you’ll never forget. 

Where’s Good In The Caribbean In October?

We’ve covered where’s hot in October across mid and longer-haul destinations, but did you know some parts of the Caribbean are great in early autumn too?

Now, you might be thinking, “Isn’t hurricane season in the Caribbean in October?” But, not so fast smarty pants! Because some areas of this awesome area actually sit outside the Hurricane Belt

ABC Islands

The ABC Islands actually lie outside the Hurrican Belt altogether, so they’re less susceptible to the high winds. But, you’d better prepare for hot weather in October if you’re thinking of booking up Aruba, Bonaire, or Curacao.

Average temperatures in this area regularly surpass the early 30s. While all 3 offer those brochure-like images of the Caribbean, we’d recommend checking out Curacao. The capital, Willemstad, is dripping in colonial heritage and the colourful waterfront buildings offer a super quaint sightseeing opportunity. 

multi-coloured buildings on the Willemstad waterfront
Marvel at the multi-coloured buildings on the Willemstad waterfront


Lying just south of the Hurricane Belt, October could be one of the best times to visit Barbados – outside the boom period of December – April. While you might still catch a heavy shower during October in Barbados, the temperatures move up around 30°C and the humidity is also starting to decrease. 

Those agreeable temps, stunning beaches, friendly locals, and bustling town centres, make Barbados a perfect option for hot weather holidays in October for couples. 

View from the waterfront in Bridgetown, Barbados
Get out and explore beautiful Bridgetown in Barbados during your October escape

St Lucia

Similar to Barbados, St Lucia doesn’t have to worry about hurricanes. But it does offer a host of amazing natural attractions that come to life at this time of year. 

While it’s not the hottest country in October, you’ll still see temperatures stretch into the early 30s. In fact, average low temperatures on the island are still around 24°C.

Again, you could still see a shower or two during your stay. However, those rains do mean that sights like Soufriere Falls are at their most stunning. So, why not take a dip in the rejuvenating mud at Sulphur Springs before washing it all off in the crashing fall? 


Mexico is one of the most popular Caribbean holiday destinations in October. And with new hotels, like Excellence Coral Playa Mujeres, popping up all the time – it’s easy to see why!

We don’t need to talk about how many amazing things there are to do in Mexico, but that Playa Mujeres spot is just around the corner from one of the best locations, Cancun. Or why not get out on a boat trip and journey over to the magical shores of Isla Mujeres?

On the other hand, if you prefer to get away from those more standard holiday destinations in October, how about moving over to Mexico’s Pacific Coast and taking in Puerto Vallarta?

The low chances of rain, average daily temperatures of 32°C, contemporary Malecon area, and magical sunsets make Vallarta a wonderful option if you’re searching for the best locations for couples in October. 

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Sunniest Holiday Destinations in October

If you’re searching for October sun holidays, then popular destinations don’t get sunnier than Dubai. Boasting a whopping 10 hours of sunshine per day, the Emirates is where it’s at. 

In fact, Dubai is probably also the hottest place to go in October. With daily temperatures regularly reaching 36°C and 0mm of rainfall, it’s perfect for couples who want to experience a super sunny high-end city break this autumn.

Explore all the unique things to do in Dubai, from the magical marina to the mystical desert. Although, in those temperatures, you might be just as happy kicking back on the uber-glamorous Jumeirah Beach. 

While you’re in Dubai, you might also think about heading over to Abu Dhabi. The capital Emirate also sees a huge amount of sun and temperatures won’t be too dissimilar from those of Dubai. 

Aerial shot of The Palm Jumeirah Resort in Dubai
Delightful Dubai is scorching in October

Where Is Hot and Cheap In October?

There are four main places to check if you’re thinking about bagging a cheap holiday in October.

At these 4 stunning locations, not only are you guaranteed great weather but you’re also not too far from home. The longest flight out of the quartet is UK to Egypt at roughly 4 hours and 40 minutes. 

  1. Egypt 
  2. Greece 
  3. Cyprus
  4. Canary Islands

We’ve already covered the virtues of Greece and Cyprus. So. let’s jump straight into Egypt and the Canary Islands. 

Where To Go In Egypt In October?

Many families and busy couples are looking for affordable holidays in October promising plenty of sunshine and warmth. Egypt couldn’t be more suited.

Generally speaking, flights and room rates are comparatively inexpensive on the Red Sea coast at this time of year. You just need to decide whether you want to sun it up in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. Or, how about an itinerary-packed escape in Makadi Bay?

We recommend couples try the delights of Makadi Bay, while families should definitely take on Sharm El Sheikh. 

The Grand Palace, Hurghada
The Grand Palace, Hurghada is the perfect couples’ sunspot this autumn

Where To Go In The Canary Islands In October?

With year-round sun, hundreds of beaches, oodles of affordable resorts, and plenty of things to do – the Canary Islands are one of the best budget-friendly mid-haul holiday destinations out there.

Well, we say mid-haul, but at just over 4 hours away the Canaries could probably be considered as a short-haul sunspot. Making it even more appealing for a quick escape. Whether you’re making the most of half-term or just not ready to let winter sink it’s freezing claws into you. 

 In terms of temperature, Tenerife is the hottest Canary Island in October. However, temperatures across the 8 islands are reasonably similar at most points of the year – so you can’t miss. 

beach in Tenerife
There’s no better time to stretch out on the golden beaches of Tenerife

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