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Top Tips for Swimming Safety on your Holidays

Posted in Holiday, News by Laura Sargeant on

From surfing tropical waves to water fights in the resort pool, we know that water-side activities are a big part of your holiday that's why we've put together a handy guide to staying #SwimSafe in the water and making the most of your time in the sun, no matter what your age.

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Martyn’s Inside Scoop on InFocus, A Travel Encyclopaedia for 21st Century Holidaymaker

Posted in InFocus by Martyn on

By sea, air and land I have travelled the far corners of the Caribbean to help bring you the very best televisual treats in the form of InFocus. As the resident Blue Bay Travel Production Assistant, I am often asked what I get up to, after 4 trips I thought it was about time I give you all the insider info.

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January 2016 Sale: 6 Top Deals For Your 2016 Holiday

Posted in Insider Knowledge by Tom on

The time has come, Holidaymakers. Yuletide has past, and all that remains of the New Year celebrations is a lingering itch from a well-earned headache. This can only mean one thing: it's time to sort this year's holiday. We've just launched our January Sale, and this year it's a doozy. It's packed with amazing deals and irresistible offers, all of which are excellent value 2016 holiday options. This handy guide will navigate you around the 6 greatest highlights of our January Sale, so you can nail your 2016 holiday in the best way possible.

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Port to Port: Concluding in Cozumel with Carnival Cruise Lines

Posted in InFocus, Insider Knowledge by Tom on

We know many of you Holidaymakers have big love for Mexico, given the swathes of travellers we've sent to the likes of Excellence Hotels and their brethren. But beyond the classic region of the Riviera Maya is the island of Cozumel; and it's arguably even more beautiful than the mainland. This very reason brought us to the island as part of our InFocus video adventures, for we want to give you a proper glimpse of this gorgeous island.

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The 4 Biggest Characters of the Sandals 2 for 1 Sale: New Hotels and Holiday Highlights

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If you’re unfamiliar with the Sandals 2 for 1 Sale, it’s basically Christmas for holidaymakers the world over. For a few brief days we have the opportunity to secure an award winning Luxury-Included® adults-only Sandals escape for half the ticket price. To honour this occasion again rolling round to reprieve our wallets, here are the 4 most charismatic participants in this year’s sale. Tuck in and treat yourself to the best value all inclusive holiday you’ve seen all year – no ifs, no buts, and plenty of coconuts...

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