Choosing a cruise holiday is a fantastic way of seeing more of the world, without having to budge an inch on quality accommodation. You can wake up to a different skyline every day without the hassle of meticulously constructing your own itinerary, and life need not be lived from the depths of a suitcase. But often your cruise will swing round to a different port every day of your journey, so how do you make the most of an island with the precious hours of daylight you are given?

It comes down to an appropriate balance of heart and head. A day is more than enough time to be whisked away by an island’s culture, and the right approach will effortlessly lay the wonders of the world at your feet.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve got many a mile on the high seas under our numerous belts. We’ve swashbuckled with the best. We’ve romanced a cornucopia of islands with our genteel wooing. Together we can map out your approach to the world of cruising, and show you how a cruise can be the one of the best travel options in your holidaymaking arsenal.
The experts

So, as is the done thing, let’s begin at the beginning:


My advice would be always do your research before you travel. Organised excursions arranged by the cruise line are really good for getting the best resort guides with the most exciting expert knowledge of your destination, they come highly recommended! For those days where you just want to do your own thing, there are always taxis or guides waiting at the port to offer you local excursions.

As you may expect, knowledge is power, so a chat with one of our advisors will give you a razor sharp edge on your cruise itinerary, making sure you can ask the most profitable questions whilst on board.



I would start by looking at key attractions for the island and pre-book any excursions before I set sail on my cruise. I love to explore the island as much as I can, and leave the lazy days for the time spent at sea. My main interest would be exploring the history of the island!

Cruise like a pro and be proactive. Create a list of everything you want to see, and then seek out the excursions, provided by your cruise line, that best satisfy your curiosity. Choosing stuff that is specific to your destination is a smart move, as the exact time and place of your port of call will inherit and greater significance.



The morning of arrival at the port I would make sure I woke up early to make the most of the day. I would then go to the local taxi rank at the cruise port and go out and explore the island, maybe visiting a rum shop or enjoying a meal with the locals. If there were lots of excursions available from the Cruise company then I would pre-book something like zip lining or visiting waterfalls, something you don’t do every day in the UK!

Think like the early bird to make the most of the time you have. Sunlight is precious, especially in destinations with an early sunset. Prioritising activities that are either culturally significant or out of the ordinary is wise, as they will transform your cruise into a mini globetrotting adventure.
The lowdown

To offer a nice little nightcap to our cruise discussion, we can distil this knowledge into some expert guidelines for cunning cruising:

•   Before you leave, have a gander at your excursion options and book the ones that catch your eye
•   Equally, don’t be afraid to get ad hoc and do your own thing by calling a taxi
•   Use local knowledge to close in on the grooviest activities
•   You’re not a sparkly vampire, so follow the sunlight from dawn til dusk
•   Every destination has a personality, so find it using this guide
•   Call us to book your cruise. These digits will unlock your cruise’s full potential: 0844 371 4000
And that’s all there is to it! Get your cruise on.