Rising to the Challenge for Reuben

Reuben's Retreat LogoThis is an update on our fundraising campaign for Reuben’s Retreat. Please donate whatever you can via our JustGiving PageAlternatively, get your thumbs flexing and donate by texting BLUE61 and your amount to 70070 (eg. BLUE61 £5).

It’s been a few weeks since we started our stint of giving up our favourite things for 40 days and 40 nights in order to raise money for Reuben’s Retreat. They’ve been long weeks, full of cravings and wistful glances through the kitchen cupboards, but the Blue Bay team are a tough bunch at heart. We’re now the champions of a good cause, so everyone is doing their best to muscle through the hankerings, and our sights are firmly set on that £1,500 target. Here’s what some of the team have to say about their time of depravity, and why it’s worth the struggle:


Amy – Giving up chocolate, sweets, biscuits, and cake


I gave up chocolate, sweets, biscuits, and cake because they are my favourite things in the whole wide world! I knew they would be the hardest things to give up, and I wanted to set myself a real challenge. I combat the cravings with fruity jelly with and toffee ice-cream – and caramel snack-a-jacks every now and then! I can’t wait for the 29th, I still love my delicious treats! But I’ll keep going, because Reuben’s Retreat is such a good cause. Reuben’s Retreat reduces me to tears every time I read about it. Having boys myself, aged 1 and 5, I cannot imagine the pain that Reuben’s parents have gone through. What an inspiring way to deal with your grief, by helping others. They are a truly amazing family!



Nicola – Giving up Frankie & Benny’s

Frankie & Benny’s make the best carbonara in the world. FACT. I eat at Frankie and Benny’s once a week (no word of a lie!) so people knew I was going to find it hard, but that’s why I gave it up. I’ve resorted to Micro Meals carbonara to fight off the cravings, but they’re nowhere near as good! However, Reuben’s Retreat is a great cause and I am more than happy to help them out.


Steph – Giving up crisps, chocolate, sweets, biscuits, and cake


Crisps, chocolate, sweets, biscuits and cake are all the greatest creations in the whole wide world, they make me feel so happy! Especially triple chocolate cookies from the fresh bakery section at Tesco, but I’m giving them all up as a challenge for charity. I drink lots of tea and coffee to fight the cravings, but all the temptations make them hard to ignore! Giving up these treats has made me appreciate them even more, and maybe after March 29th I’ll eat them in moderation instead of just stuffing my face. However, it’s worth the effort. Reuben’s Retreat is a fantastic Charity. The support that they offer people who have sadly lost a child or have a child with a life threatening illness, and the recreational facilities they have for children, are astonishing.


As you can see, we’re real troopers – so don’t let us crave in vain! Donate whatever you can via our JustGiving Page, or give us some 21st Century support by texting BLUE61 and your amount to 70070 (eg. BLUE61 £5).

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