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The Assurance of ATOL: Why Every Blue Bay Travel Holiday is 100% Protected

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The Lowcosttravelgroup, who operate lowcostholidays.com and lowcostbeds.com, yesterday entered administration. This left roughly 27,000 holidaymakers stranded overseas and jeopardised 120,000 future bookings due to unpaid costs. The reason for this is simple: holidays through the Lowcosttravelgroup were not ATOL protected. This would never happen with a Blue Bay Travel holiday. Our philosophy ensures that holidaymakers can make wonderful memories that are 100% financially secure.

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Why Travel Insured?

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There’s nothing like the legal language of an insurance policy to put a dampener on the excitement of a tropical escape, but many argue that if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. Travel insurance exists to protect your investment in your journey and ensure that you don’t lose out if things go wrong.

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