South Palm Resort Review: Our First-Hand Experience

After spending a week at the beautiful South Palm Resort in the Maldives, we’ve caught up with Holly to find out what her trip to paradise was like…

Does the magical Maldives occupy a space on your travel bucket list? You keep looking to book it, but you just can’t quite commit to it?

If that’s the case, this blog should help you push that Book Now button and prepare for the trip of a lifetime.

Holly is here to tell you all about her trip to South Palm Resort, and how much fun she had during her October getaway.

Over to Holly to find out more!

View from the welcome jetty on our South Palm Resort review
Step ashore on our South Palm Resort review, taken from first-hand experience

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How Was the Journey There?

To begin, we started off at Heathrow Airport. We got there for around 2 am so it was very quiet. I’ve never flown from Heathrow before, so I was expecting it to be quite manic. However, I was pleasantly surprised when we managed to get through bag checks and security with ease.

I will start by saying that it is definitely not the shortest journey! With connecting flights and waiting times, it took us just over 24 hours to actually arrive at South Palm Resort.

After leaving Heathrow, we made the 6-and-a-half-hour journey to Bahrain flying with Gulf Air. From Bahrain we flew with Gulf Air again, for 4 and a half hours, to Male. Then from Male to Gan on a domestic flight. Finally, we went from Gan to the resort on a speedboat transfer.

Some advice I would give is to pack snacks, games to play on the plane, and a travel pillow for when you want to sleep. We did receive meals whilst flying, and there was a TV screen to watch films but it’s always good to be extra prepared.

Holly boarding the domestic flight from Male Airport to South Palm Resort
Our domestic flight from Male to Gan.

South Palm Resort Review: What to Expect on Arrival

Arriving at South Palm Resort on our speedboat was just incredible. As the waves splashed around the boat, in the distance you could see the overwater villas, beach villas and swaying palm trees.

I have never been on a holiday to a destination like this before, so I was completely amazed by the views.

The staff offloaded our luggage from the boat and whisked it away to our rooms. We then made our way to the reception area where we were welcomed with a cool towel and some iced tea.

After signing some documents, we were then shown to our Beach Villa.

Arriving onto the jetty from the speedboat.
Arriving on the jetty from the speedboat transfer

The beautiful Beach Villas

The Beach Villa was stunning, we had a villa to the left side of the jetty which is the opposite side to the Water Villas. However as we walked outside our villa, we were right at the bar, pool and just a small walk from the restaurant. Which was perfect for us!

We were welcomed with a fruit basket and a lovely cool room waiting for us.

The bed was king-size, so there was plenty of space for both of us. There was also an indoor shower as well as an incredible outdoor shower surrounded by tropical greenery. 

As we walked out of our veranda doors, immediately we were presented with magnificent views. Just a few steps from our beach villa was the white sand beach and crystal blue waters. This proximity to the sand is one of the reasons some holidaymakers choose the Maldives over Mauritius

Our stunning Beach Villa.

What is the Beach Like at South Palm Resort, Maldives?

We were eager to head straight to the beach after having a quick shower and making a change of clothes.

From reading online forums, we were advised to take sea shoes and our own snorkels, so we were ready to go ahead straight into the water.

The blue sea was so warm and clear. We put on our snorkels and got to scouting out any fish. We were so amazed that we saw so many from just swimming around for a few minutes. 

Armed with our GoPro we got many fantastic shots of the vibrant marine life. If you are looking to see lots of fish, head to the Water Villas as the fish love to swim around the jetty structures.

At night time, if you head down the jetty you can see blacktip sharks, which is an incredible sight!

The vibrant marinelife

How’s the Food and Drink?

The Banyan Restaurant is the main restaurant at the resort, and you can find all kinds of food here.

When you arrive you are allocated a table which is your table for the duration of your stay.

I can be quite a fussy eater, however, I had plenty of options to pick from every mealtime! From a fresh pasta station to enjoying grilled meats and fish. 

The staff were so accommodating and friendly. They gave us lots of advice for our snorkelling adventures and answered any questions that we had.

We were on the all-inclusive package so drinks were also included. You can pay extra if you want to have the more popular brands of alcohol. However, we were happy with what we received.

I recommend trying the Palm Express if you enjoy a cocktail!

The delicious pasta station which I visited frequently!

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What Other Things Are There To Do at South Palm Maldives?

Along with food and drinks on the all-inclusive package, you also receive access to the non-motorised water sports. We took a canoe out together onto the waters and we had so much fun. 

I’m not the strongest swimmer, but due to the water being so shallow and super clear, I felt safe!

After my confidence in the water grew, we then went out individually on the kayaks and paddled across the calm waters.

We also received a free snorkelling trip which you book through the resort. This includes a boat trip out to the deeper water where you can see even more fish.

Holly canoeing on the blue waters.
Canoeing on the gorgeous and clear blue waters.

What about evening entertainment?

The evening entertainment was great! Occasionally during the evening meal they had a live singer which was a nice touch as you indulged in all of the delicious food.

Every night after we ate, we made our way to the Moodhu Bar where the entertainment took place. From karaoke to dancers on Maldivian Night, we thoroughly enjoyed all of it!

Our favourite night was the Crab Racing night. The whole island is full of hermit crabs, you have to be careful where you step as they cover the floor. On this night you pick a crab and you race it against other guest’s crabs! I was very pleased when I came second and won three Carlsberg beers. 

Collecting shells in the Maldives
We enjoyed collecting the beautiful shells during the evening before our meal.

Getting a Spa Experience

We did visit the spa! With our booking, we received a free 15-minute neck and head massage which we definitely took advantage of.

We booked it in for Wednesday which meant that we could use it as a little mid-week refresher. However, some people do choose to place these experiences at the beginning or end of their trip to either recover quicker from jet lag or ensure the holiday glow lasts longer. 

The Kurumba Spa is one of the first-ever floating spas in the Maldives. It’s a beautiful, relaxing space that allows you to unwind even further. You can get a cute little boat over to the floating treatment rooms. 

The Floating Spa Rooms.
The Floating Spa Rooms.

Would You Stay at South Palm Resort Again?

I absolutely adored my trip to South Palm Resort. It’s worth the long journey there, and I am so happy to have ticked the Maldives off my travel bucket list.

From the beautiful waters and seeing all of the vibrant marine life, to enjoying the Maldivian culture and speaking to all of the resort staff. 

We would definitely go again! If you have the opportunity to visit the Maldives, please do it! I left feeling completely relaxed and very sad to be heading back to England.

Holly and her partner in the airport waiting to fly on their trip to the Maldives
We would definitely take another 24-hour journey to South Palm in the Maldives!

Experience it For Yourself

If Holly’s trip has inspired your wanderlust, now is the perfect time to book a trip away to the Maldives. As you can see from this in-depth South Palm Resort review, this is a fantastic resort with incredible amenities. 

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