Sometimes we find a holiday that changes our lives. Experiencing the music, flavours and vitality of the world’s lesser trodden roadways can do more for your confidence and self-belief than mere words could possibly express.

And then there are holidays that change the world, shaping and re-shaping the lives of travellers and communities alike. These transformative adventures are the core philosophy of the Impact Travel concept pioneered by Fathom cruises.

“Impact Travel is about finding those life-affirming holiday moments and creating an enduring social impact within your destination.”

Impact Travel is a whole new category of travel that focuses on developing local communities and building sustainable models of tourism. This is travel that changes lives in quantifiable ways, bringing together like-minded holidaymakers to improve the quality of life for those who need it most.

Fathom operates 7 night cruises to the Domincan Republic and Cuba, but these aren’t your textbook wine-and-dine clichés. Impact Travel is about finding those life-affirming holiday moments and creating an enduring social impact within your destination. Long-term systematic partnerships distinguish Fathom from other sustainable tourism efforts, inviting you to participate in a wide range of projects focused on economic development, education and environmental regeneration.

“You work directly alongside community members and partner organisations carefully selected to guarantee lasting, meaningful changes.”

Each cruise will allow you to spend around 3 days in either the Dominican Republic or Cuba, giving you plenty of opportunities to get involved with the projects that appeal to your deepest feelings. Build shelter for families in desperate need of clean, dry housing. Plant trees to repopulate the island’s sweeping emerald treescapes. Gift rural communities with purified water. Teach English, establish a recycling infrastructure and stimulate cultural diversity by engaging with the locals. You work directly alongside community members and partner organisations carefully selected to guarantee lasting, meaningful changes.

The cruise journey is also an integral part of the Fathom experience. During the couple of days it takes to reach your destination you can immerse yourself in the culture, heritage and customs of the communities you’ll be helping. Learn a little of the language, try a little of the food, or familiarise yourself with the projects being undertaken. On-board programmes such as these help you integrate seamlessly on your arrival, so you start making a difference as soon as you make port.

Blue Bay Travel packages with Fathom even include a stay in Miami so you can get into the time zone and optimise your Fathom journey. Likewise, your return trip will highlight ways you can keep helping with your newfound knowledge, inspiration and insight after your journey’s conclusion.

“Fathom takes a telescopic view of the long-term benefits that arise from partnerships with local communities.”

Impact Travel with Fathom is a new way to make a difference to the people who live in our most beloved Caribbean destinations. More so than eco-tourism or sustainable travel, Fathom takes a telescopic view of the long-term benefits that arise from partnerships with local communities. This isn’t instant gratification; this is well-founded, carefully-planned cruise holidays that produce real-world results.

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Make the choice to make a change, Holidaymaker.