The final stage of the journey to your dream escape is often overlooked. Once you have landed at your far-flung tropical destination, your holiday and relaxation begins. This means a smooth and hassle-free transfer from the airport to your hotel is imperative – that’s why we work with Jumbo Tours. It’s their attentive service and warm hospitality that allows you to start your holiday in the care-free way it should.

Jumbo Tours - Ready and Waiting

Jumbo Tours – Ready and Waiting

So, what does the Jumbo Tours representative look like? I hear you ask. It is a common question asked by many of our holidaymakers and we thought it would be useful to snap a photo of one of the representatives to show you the uniform they wear and the board they hold to greet you upon your arrival.

You're looking for the pink and white T-shirt and the Blue Bay board

You’re looking for the pink and white T-shirt and the Blue Bay board when you arrive

Your friendly Jumbo Tours representative will be ready and waiting as soon as you step out of the arrivals hall. After being greeted with a welcoming smile and your transfer paperwork has been checked, you will be whisked away to your transportation for the smooth journey to your hotel and the start of the holiday you have been looking forward to for such a long time.

Once you have settled in at your hotel and found your bearings, the Jumbo Tours representative will drop by a day or two after your arrival to complete a Welcome Meeting. It is at this point that your representative will provide you with the details of your return transfer to the airport as well as a bundle of useful information about the destination you have chosen to visit. They will also provide the opportunity to book a plethora of local excursions to allow you to explore the wonders of the surrounding area.

The support of Jumbo Tours does not end there. They are the in-resort representatives for Blue Bay Travel throughout your stay. If you have any questions or require any help regarding your holiday, they will provide a contact number in the pack of paperwork given to you at the welcome meetings to allow you to get in touch with them.

As part of our relationship with Jumbo Tours we regularly pass them feedback from our customers, with a view to creating the best travel experiences possible. With this in mind, Jumbo Tours are continually refining and improving their services and are eager to welcome you to your next tropical escape.

Jumbo Tours Representatives are available in Mexico and the Dominican Republic