Race for Life

The Blue Bay Girls about to run the Race for Life (they did it by the way, they didn’t just go home after this photo)

So, you will know by now that here at Blue Bay we like to be different, stand out from the masses… and to be frank some of us are just plain weird (*cough* Leighton *cough*).

In a recent endeavour to move away from corporate babble and yawn-inducing blurb, we’re injecting a bit of personality into every flipping crevice. It’s actually quite liberating after being repressed for so long.

To say that our award-winning team is unique is an understatement; their mind-boggling destination knowledge from personal experience of our resorts, the variety of countries they’ve visited (over 60 different countries between them), combined with their quirky personalities makes for a very powerful tool and a rather entertaining day.

Guitar joy

In recent years we seem to have developed an unnatural obsession with inflatable instruments

Over the past year or so we’ve put a lot of focus on our Team Pages, adding bits & bobs and new features. More recently you will have seen our flags (we’re so proud of our flags) denoting all the countries our guys have visited, alongside Testimonials that we’ve each received from happy clients.

We’re a multi-talented bunch and it’s always nice to know a little about who’s on the other end of the phone. As of last week, we’ve updated our ‘in a nutshell’ section on everyone’s Team Page. Now you can get to know us all in tremendous random detail. As Kev said, you can find out more about us on here than our Mums know. Which of us can play the piano? Who is addicted to biscuits? Who prefers their dog over their husband? And who really can’t stand Cliff Richard? Take a peek here.

Murder Mystery night

Just an average Friday night…

We also like to shout about the sort of things that we would want to know if we were using a company for the first time; stuff that instils confidence that behind our website there isn’t just some sweaty bloke in his pants, burning your money. We’re here every day when you need us, we’re stronger than ever and we really know our stuff.

Everything we do; everything we write about… it all goes towards painting the picture that we truly are the experts… and we jolly well have the proof to back-up our smug claims.

Meet our team and find out our darkest secrets here (pick a face and scroll down for ‘Me in a nutshell’).