Carl Davis

Junior Web Developer

Working in travel is very rewarding, it's an opportunity to meet lots of new people, hear about all the adventures people have been on & tell some of your own.

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In a nutshell.

  • Describe yourself in three words: Kind, Tenacious, Drastic
  • Catchphrase: "Thats all good, but..."
  • Likes: Pizza, design and retro video games
  • Hidden talent: I can hand make teddy bears
  • Lesser-known fact about you: I play the bass guitar
  • Best feeling in the world: Driving through a long tunnel
  • Favourite snack: Parma Violet
  • What type of hat best describes your personality: Fez, as it's a simple design, with just a touch of flare
  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why: I'd be able to manipulate time to create new parallel universes
  • Best holiday you've ever had: It was a University trip to Scotland

Places I've Been.