Elite Island Resorts Collection

Elite Island Resorts are a high-end hotel chain specialising in delivering opulent stays on some of the most breathtaking Caribbean Islands. If you want to guarantee all-inclusive luxury in the Caribbean, then you've found your home.

Why Choose Elite Island Resorts for Your Luxury All-Inclusive Caribbean Holiday

Set out on some of the most pristine sands in the Caribbean, Elite Island Resort escapes offer something for all types of traveller. From exclusive island getaways to family-friendly moments with everything included, you’re guaranteed to experience unforgettable.

Unmatched All-Inclusive Experience

A dreamy escape in an Elite Island Resort delivers an all-inclusive package to die for. Rather than just covering your meals and drinks, this paramount offering runs deeper encompassing an array of activities, lavish accommodations and high-caliber services.

Spectacular Caribbean Locations

Picture pristine beaches as creamy as vanilla custard, waters bluer than sapphire, skies brushed with colours beyond human comprehension. No matter which destination you pick amongst the splendid selection of islands such as Antigua, Barbados or St Vincent & The Grenadines—you can rest assured that nature’s masterpiece will be waiting.

Awesome Activities and Experiences at Elite Island Resorts

What better way to make the most of your luxurious all-inclusive Caribbean holiday than partaking in thrilling activities organized by your resort? Engaging water sports like surfing or kayaking, or perhaps experiencing local culture first-hand is more your speed. You can it all at an Elite Resort.

Luxury Accommodation Options at Elite Island Resorts

With a broad spectrum of luxury accommodations to suit different preferences, you're sure to find your personal slice of paradise in these glamorous locales.

Elite Island Resorts in Antigua

Antigua, christened "Land of 365 Beaches," is bedecked by nature, history, and culture alike. It’s also adorned with Elite Resorts, choose from five different hotel options dotted along the coastlines of gorgeous centres like St Phillip or the island capital, St John’s:

Elite Island Resorts in Barbados

Promising a rendezvous with immaculate beaches mirroring crystalline skies, Barbados extends beyond natural allure by unmasking layers rooted deep within its cultural tapestry and vibrant Bajan spirit. The Club Barbados Resort & Spa is artfully crafted around these elements letting guests peek into Barbadian soul while basking in hospitality par excellence.

Elite Island Resorts in St Vincent & The Grenadines

In a relatively untouched corner of the Eastern Caribbean you’ll find St Vincent & The Grenadines a spectacular string of islands made even more delightful with a stay at Palm Island Resort. A gorgeous 130-plus-acre private hideaway offering all the A-lister vibes you can handle on Union Island.

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