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Island-Hopping and Adventure-Seeking with Carnival Cruise Lines

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You know we like a good adventure, and we're always on the look-out for new and innovative ways to help you discover more of the world. To this end we recently created a number of new and exclusive fly, cruise & stay packages to help you see more of planet earth in the most stylish way possible. In order to vouch for their much-spoken gloriousness we decided to send out the InFocus video crew to do some recon. This is the story from the cruise stretch of their adventure, as seen though the eyes of Martyn.

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Port to Port: Cruising Through Falmouth, Jamaica with Carnival Cruise Lines

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Many places in Jamaica have made it into the common parlance of UK Holidaymakers (Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Kingston and the like), celebrated on the back of modern transatlantic tourism. They’re renowned for their big personalities; for the colour, music, and style that we see as synonymous with the Jamaican identity. But in Falmouth the yam-sellers still call. The streets are offset with the milky whites of English-colonial limestone. The smell of sugar-cane and fried fruits fills the market squares. Falmouth remembers right in its bones what it means to be Jamaican, all the way back to the emancipation.

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