Blue Bay are continuing our formidable growth plans by implementing more Personal Travel Consultants. And there’s plenty of roles available for homeworking travel professionals.

Personal Travel Consultants by Blue Bay Travel is the latest homeworker model

Personal Travel Consultants by Blue Bay Travel is the latest homeworker model

Earlier this year we announced plans to continue our growth by further developing our homeworker provision. Our Personal Travel Consultants by Blue Bay Travel initiative is aimed at ensuring we’re delivering the best possible service to the people who matter most, our customers.

We recently held a virtual coffee morning aimed at attracting, even more, Personal Travel Consultants to the model which launched back in September 2021. In addition, Blue Bay CEO, Alistair Rowland, and PTC model manager Abbie Heaton recently sat down with Travel Gossip to talk through the plans and what’s in it for travel professionals.

In this blog, we’ll expand on the model further and tell you all about why you should be getting involved if you’re looking to take the next steps with your travel business. First, though, let’s tell you more about the financials.


The financials make sense for your travel business

The financials make sense for your travel business

Money, money, money

Boasting one of the most competitive packages for self-employed travel professionals, members of the PTC homeworker division will be able to benefit from the below perks:

  • Earn 50% commission upon booking and 50% commission 8 weeks  prior to travel
  • Get 65% commission when booking your own clients
  • Access to a rich pool of warm leads which pay 25% commission

In addition to those juicy bonuses, you’ll also have the award-winning Blue Bay team backing you up. As well as access to market-leading tour operator terms with over 200 suppliers.

But let’s tell you a little bit more about how team Blue Bay can support you.

The Backing

Away from the financial benefits to the PTC homeworker model, you will also have the full power of the super-talented wider Blue Bay team at your disposal. Whether that’s help engaging your audience on social media or administrative, back-office support.

We know the last you want to do, if you do decide to get involved, is dedicate a heap of time to costly tech set-up processes. After all, if you’re not in contact with your clients then you’re not earning money, right? Within the PTC model we can hook you up with equipment and phone packages to get you started, so no more lengthy transitions.

Plus, there’s no joining fee either. Making this switch for your business is a big deal, you’ve made it this far so we don’t want anything to jeopardise your future. With this in mind, you can have the first three months on the plan for free, to ensure you get your tooties firmly tucked under the desk. Service fees are just £49 thereafter.

woman working on her laptop at a modern table

Blue Bay can help support and super-charge your business


In a bid to expand the provision even further, as well as sweetening the deal for those already involved, we’re also offering a refer-a-friend scheme that pays up to £1,000 per referral.

So, even if you’re already reaping the benefits of being a part of the Blue Bay family, you can still keep stacking the perks. Plus, you can turn your travel-obsessed mate on to a winner to boot.

For more information on the model or to hear more about how the plan could benefit your business just click the big blue button below to see the PTC homeworker website.