Business is booming in the Maldives as tourists return to the dreamy destination

Whilst the UK may be somewhat stuck in lockdown limbo, the Maldives have been quick to remind the world that their country is COVID safe.  

Tourists have started to return to the Maldives and they couldn't be happier

Tourists have started to return to the Maldives and they couldn’t be happier

Following Boris Johnson’s announcement of added restrictions coming into place in the UK over Christmas, rather than the more relaxed measures many were expecting. The UK has been wondering when freedom from the scourge of Coronavirus will come.  

December business is a gift for the Maldives

The Maldiveson the other hand, have been quick to remind us, via social media, how well they’ve been doing following their pandemic response. 

December certainly has been the most wonderful time of the year for the island nation as they celebrated welcoming their 100,000th visitor since the borders were reopened in July.  

the 100,000th visitor to the Maldives post-pandemic

Jasmin Burki from Switzerland became the Maldives 100,000th visitor

In addition to those celebrations, theyve now also announced the highest number of tourist arrivals on a single day with 5,555 entries and the arrival of their 500,000th visitor of 2020 

 Open for business

These announcements have come at the same time as major air lines such as Air France, Qatar Airways, Condor and Emirates increased their number of daily flights into the country. The latter of which recently improving their provision again from three daily flights to four.   

This uptick in the number of flights coming in will come as welcome news to the country whose economy relies on global tourism.  

The Maldives welcome their 500,000th visitor of 2020

Kirstin Madeleine Nittke from Germany was the illustrious 500,000th visitor to the Maldives in 2020. Photo credit: Visit Maldives via LinkedIn

In fact, 182 guesthouses have now reopened across 10 of the country’s picturesque Atolls. There are, however, coronavirus safety measures in place for both tourists and locals in areas where guesthouses are reopening.  

These areas where guesthouses have opened their doors again stretch from the capital Male, through to the popular VaavuBaa and Dhaalu Atolls among others 

Light at the end of the tunnel?

This joyful news at the end of a troubling year for the Maldives comes as more Brits are forced to put their Christmas plans on hold, as a result of changes to the government’s COVID response tier system 

However, many will see this as a ray of light at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel for us all. It may also leave many wondering “Can I go abroad if I’m in tier 3?

 Well, the hope of a Maldives retreat in 2021 is certainly alive and well. And from the looks of it, the island nation can’t wait to welcome you to the sunnside of life again.