There is no better feeling than a fast approaching holiday. You have sprawled over potential destinations and resorts and finally settled on your dream getaway.

The countdown has been firmly in place from the minute you booked and now you are finally about to begin your journey. Excitement and giddiness takes over as you prepare to start your voyage and you start the preparations; preparation being key!

We don’t want you to forget a thing so have compiled some fool-proof top tips to tick off your list before you jet off and start your adventure.


1. Take a snap of your passport and important documents you may have using your phone, having a photo will come in handy if you happen to mislay the hard copies.

2. Download any airline or hotel apps on your phone. Many apps allow you to check-in for your flight and give you updates, saving you invaluable time. If your hotel has an app it is worth downloading as many offer free Wi-Fi in resort along with key info and sometimes even cheeky freebies or upgrades.

3. Save the airline/travel agent/hotel customer service number in your phone. Having their number at your fingertips will be save time if you need to contact them for whatever reason.

4. Let your bank know that you’ll be traveling so your credit and debit cards are prepped for use if you intend on spending. You don’t want to get cut short when paying for that oh so important souvenir or last minute pick up at duty free!

5. Convert your currency. Even if you are taking your credit or debit card with you it is always wise to take the local currency too, take a small amount for tips and emergencies. Top Tip: Most Caribbean destinations actually prefer US Dollars which can then be used elsewhere if you return with some leftover spends.

6. Make a note of your credit card numbers along with your bank’s phone number and keep in a safe place. This will be invaluable if you lose your card or need to talk to your bank.

7. Sync, back up and charge your phone/electronics. You will be sure to be taking many snaps of your holiday adventures and will want to make sure you have enough juice and space on your phone so you can return with memories galore to share with friends and family.

8. Pack your snacks! There may be a limit on liquids at the airport but there isn’t on snacks. Don’t pay a premium at the airport; stash your favourite food to enjoy at the airport and your journey to your epic escape.

9. Check the weather at your destination. Whilst you may want wall to wall sunshine each day, it is always a good idea to pack an umbrella or convenient waterproof if there is a chance of rain.

10. Change your bed before you depart. Not strictly a necessity but is there any better feeling than fresh sheets to return to after a long flight home?


Follow our top tips before you go and be sure to get off to a flying start!
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