Nicole Barrett

Personal Travel Advisor

Having over 20 years of travel experience, my journey in travel started as a junior in a very small independant company. Working in the travel industry is extremely rewarding, exciting and ever changing. Being able to meet and exceed each and every customers expectations for their well earned holiday is such a great feeling. Having travelled extensively around Europe already I now look forward to the opportunity to explore the Caribbean and beyond to gain valuable knowledge and experience that I can pass on to the world when finding a perfect holiday for all of my customers.

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In a nutshell.

  • Describe yourself in three words: Loyal, Honest, Challenging
  • Catchphrase: “It’s fate”
  • Hidden talent: I can play the clarinet
  • Lesser-known fact about you: I have done agility with my dog
  • Best feeling in the world: Stepping on the scales and seeing that the numbers have come down.
  • Favourite snack: Chilli Doritos
  • What type of hat best describes your personality: Floppy hat, because it can be casual or classy
  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why: To travel back in time and be able to say what you never got chance to say to loved ones.
  • Best holiday you’ve ever had: Lapland with all of my family. There was 10 of us and we went around Christmas time, my children were only young but it was a bucket list holiday that I loved ticking off.

Places I've Been.