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3 Days Exploring All of Antigua’s Wonder – My Highlights

Posted in Fam Trip by Charlotte on

If you're a fully-fledged advocate of the classic fly and flop, Antigua is a real must with enough beaches to unwind on a different one each and every day of the year. I recently had the pleasure of exploring every inch of Antigua's finest offerings in 3 days and let me tell you, it was nothing short of extraordinary, Holidaymakers. Let's cut to the chase and get talking about all of Antigua's wonder.

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InFocus Snapshots: Adventures in Antigua

Posted in InFocus by Tom on

After a valiant return to Barbados, Team InFocus has made their début appearance in Antigua. Their mission is simple: uncover the best bit of Antigua and commit them to the camera lens. InFocus is a video encyclopaedia for the modern holidaymaker, and the new chapter for Antigua has already been laced with adventure and intrigue. Our journey, with all its meanderings and musings, is an essential part of the InFocus process, so here are some from-the-set thoughts on some of the best discoveries we've made so far.

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Island-Hopping and Adventure-Seeking with Carnival Cruise Lines

Posted in InFocus, Insider Knowledge by Martyn on

You know we like a good adventure, and we're always on the look-out for new and innovative ways to help you discover more of the world. To this end we recently created a number of new and exclusive fly, cruise & stay packages to help you see more of planet earth in the most stylish way possible. In order to vouch for their much-spoken gloriousness we decided to send out the InFocus video crew to do some recon. This is the story from the cruise stretch of their adventure, as seen though the eyes of Martyn.

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Port to Port: Getting Acquainted with Grand Cayman via Carnival Cruise Lines

Posted in InFocus, Insider Knowledge by Tom on

Classic tactics for a Grand Cayman holiday fall into cliches of big-bidget breaks, where some of the best hotels and dining on the planet coalesce around the island's renowned Seven Mile beach (in no way related to the Jamaican beach of the same name). Swinging by the island on a cruise is a fabulous portal into this otherworldly island, and you can bypass the regularities and get to grips with the island's wilder side.

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