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Top 5 Excursions: Sri Lanka

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Poised amid the balmy waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka's renowned prestige for natural beauty has captivated holidaymakers for centuries. Sri Lanka bottles up an extraordinary variety of whereabouts to frequent within its small-scale proportions dominating a natural environment of such beauty and diversity. Adventurers flock to idyllic, untouched beaches and wildlife-rich jungles teeming with elephants and leopards. Here, there really are no shortage of things to explore.

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Top Three Sri Lanka Hotels

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Colourful and bursting at the seams with culture, the nation described as ‘India Lite’ is just that, India’s more playful cousin, with beach parties galore and exhilarating winter surfing. Formerly known as Ceylon until 1972, Sri Lanka is as famous for its tea as it is for its myriad of animal life, not least to mention Elephants. Travel in Tuk Tuks (and did we mention elephants?) and savour some of the most delicious food this planet has to offer all whilst taking in impossibly scenic wonders.

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The Essential Travel Guide to Sri Lanka

Posted in Insider Knowledge by Alice on

Spread over 65,610 square kilometres, Sri Lanka is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, just south of India itself. Here, a huge range of experiences and sights are offered. Wildlife can be discovered in safaris and diving spots, as well as incredible cultural experiences within magnificent temples and ruins. The breathtaking landscapes of Sri Lanka range from rich rain forests to desert-like planes, and highlands to pristine beaches. With so many phenomenal experiences, Sri Lanka promises an incomparable getaway for those seeking luxury, adventure or breathtaking sights. Adventure awaits!

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Tangerine Beach Hotel and the Secrets of Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is probably on your bucket list. It’s certainly on mine, and there’s no end of reasons as to why. Sri Lanka is a place of unspoiled wildlife, ancient history, and quintessential palm-fringed beaches. It’s a destination that allows you to move effortlessly between seafront relaxation and bold exploration, however the fancy takes you. With so much to choose from it’s good to have a little savvy regarding what to do and where to go. Our intuition has brought Tangerine Beach Hotel to forefront of our attention, so we thought we’d break down all the reasons it makes for an epic Sri Lankan basecamp.

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A Serendipitous Sri Lankan Adventure

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Arriving into Colombo airport shortly after Sri Lanka had celebrated a religious festival was an experience to say the least. Hundreds of huge paper lanterns with long colourful streamers strung high and low were blowing in the breezes and brightly dressed groups of worshippers were waiting for their flights home. Just getting out of the airport is a novel affair.

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