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A Serendipitous Sri Lankan Adventure

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Arriving into Colombo airport shortly after Sri Lanka had celebrated a religious festival was an experience to say the least. Hundreds of huge paper lanterns with long colourful streamers strung high and low were blowing in the breezes and brightly dressed groups of worshippers were waiting for their flights home. Just getting out of the airport is a novel affair.

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Beholding The Beauty And Wonders Of The British Virgin Islands

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Every month different parts of the British Virgin Islands have something called a Full Moon Party, which as you may expect is some good old fashioned pagan revelry in honour of the full moon. Thankfully the stars aligned during our visit, and we were lucky enough to be attend one such party at Trellis Bay. We arrived by boat, and immediately you could feel a palpable atmosphere of unshackled joy coupled with showmanship and amazement.

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True Blue Bay Resort, A Family Affair

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The "Spice Isle" of Grenada is an emerald lozenge that basks in one of the most beautiful corners of the Caribbean Sea, with a rich heritage flavoured with cinnamon, cocoa, and nutmeg, and a spirit touched by some of the world's greatest nautical powers. One location that encapsulates the soul of Grenada is True Blue Bay, and as Jaclyn and Diane will testify, this idyllic destination will romance even the most experienced Caribbean explorers.

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