The 7 Best Things to Do in Tobago

Tobago might be tiny in stature but this island sure does pack a punch with awesome things to do.

From the gentle bustle of Tobago’s capital, Scarborough to the tranquil beach of Englishman’s Bay, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or a foodie, you’ll find plenty to explore.

This Caribbean idyll offers a unique blend of activities, culinary delights, and vistas. Are you ready to see what’s on offer?

In this article, we’ll guide you through the most incredible things to do in Tobago. So, whether you’re planning a trip or just curious about this picture-perfect Caribbean island, read on.

tobago beach with boats. palm trees, and blue ocean
Tobago has many unspoilt beaches waiting to be explored: Image Source – Blue Waters Inn

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The Top 7 Things to Do in Tobago

You might be able to find swoon-worthy beaches across the Caribbean. But this list of 7 incredible things to do is authentic Tobago – to be found nowhere else.

  • Celebrate carnival
  • Explore the historic Fort King George
  • Visit Pigeon Point
  • Learn about cocoa!
  • Go diving in Tobago
  • Try curried crab, chow, and lobster
  • Watch goat racing in Bucco

Top Things to Do in Tobago

Tobago is jam-packed with fun things to do.

From marvelling at the stunning coral and marine life at Buccoo Reef to fulfilling every chocolate lover’s dream of visiting Tobago’s cocoa estate, there are loads of things to fill your Caribbean diary.

1.    Celebrate Carnival: The Heartbeat of Tobago

Tobago’s carnival is a heady mix of colour, music, and dance. But it’s more than just a party.  It’s a cultural experience that reflects the island’s African and French Creole influences. From traditional masquerade bands to steelpan competitions, every aspect of the carnival is steeped in history and tradition.

Tobago carnival in full swing: Image Source – @alldayidreamoftravel

Head to Tobago in October and you could chow down on some pepper-laden curried crab while getting into the calypso groove.

Experiencing Tobago’s carnival is a must-do activity for any visitor. Whether you just fancy watching from the sidelines or want to get stuck in, the carnival is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

2.   Explore Fort King George and Museum

Perched regally on a hilltop overlooking the town of Scarborough, Fort King George is a must-see historical landmark in Tobago. Built by the British in the 1770s, the fort offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and the Caribbean Sea.

fort king george gardens with canon overlooking bay
Fort King George views – Image Source: Coco Reef Resort and Spa

The fort complex includes several restored buildings, such as the officer’s mess, the bell tank, and the powder magazine. It also houses the Tobago Museum, which displays Amerindian artefacts, colonial relics, and natural history exhibits.

A visit to Fort King George is a journey back in time. As you mooch around the fort, it’s easy to imagine the battles and events that took place here.

Blue Bay Tip:

Don’t skip the lush gardens of Fort King George and try to visit towards the end of the day. The sunsets are out of this world!

3.    Venture to Pigeon Point: A Tropical Paradise

Pigeon Point Heritage Park in Tobago is a little nugget of tropical paradise. With its white sand, clear turquoise waters, and iconic thatched-roof jetty, it’s no wonder that it’s regarded as one of the most gorgeous beaches in the whole of the Caribbean.

pigeon point jetty at sunset
The picture-perfect jetty at Pigeon Point – Image by Kenrick Baksh | Pexels

Swim in the calm waters, take a leisurely walk along the beach, or just sit back and enjoy the stunning views. Set foot on the jetty, strike a pose, and shoot some iconic holiday snaps that your friends can’t fail to swoon over.

But Pigeon Point isn’t just about the beach. The park also offers a range of activities for visitors. You can go windsurfing, kiteboarding, or take a glass-bottom boat tour to the nearby Buccoo Reef. There are also several restaurants and a bar where you can enjoy local cuisine and drinks.

4.    Learn About Cocoa Production at Tobago Cocoa Estate

Dark, milk, or white? What’s your chocolate of choice?

The Tobago Cocoa Estate is a fascinating destination for chocoholics. The working estate offers a unique insight into the process of cocoa production, from bean to bar.

A chocoholic’s dream at Tobago Cocoa Estate – Image Source: @tobagococoaestate

You’ll learn loads on the guided tour through the cocoa fields. And you’ll see a demonstration of how cocoa beans are transformed into chocolate.

But the highlight of the visit is the chocolate tasting. What could be better than sampling a variety of chocolates made from the estate’s own cocoa beans?

5.    Discover Tobago’s Spectacular Dive Sites

With more than 50 top-class dive sites, you’re spoilt for choice if you want to discover Tobago’s vibrant marine life.

Tobago’s colourful marine life – Image Source: @visittobago

You might be lucky enough to see eels, lobsters, barracudas, rays, and schooling fish. Not to mention the incredible array of corals. So, where should you dive?

  • Speyside: perfect for those eager to spy a hawksbill turtle.
  • Kelleston Drain: find the largest brain coral in the world, measuring a mind-blowing 15 feet wide.
  • M.V. Maverick: an awe-inspiring spot to explore an old passenger ferry wreck – sunk on purpose to create a thriving underwater ecosystem. Crabs, fish, and eels can be found among the shallow wreck that’s accessible for both novices and expert divers.

Experience Tobago’s Culture

The phrase ‘melting pot of cultures’ might be overused. But Tobago really is just that! While known for its African and Indian cultures, this island’s rich history means cuisine, music, and architecture has been touched by a global influence.

6.    Enjoy Tobagonian Cuisine

You can’t visit Tobago without tasting its food. Creole, West African, and European influences make for a truly unique cuisine that can’t be replicated anywhere else. You could try:

  • Lobster: Freshly caught and barbecued, this is a simple seafood treat.
  • Chow: A delicious blend of chopped pineapple with garlic, lime juice, and pepper.
  • Curried crab and dumplings: no explanation needed!
Delicious lobster from Tobago – Image Source: @doris_guesthouse

7.    Watch Goat Racing in Buccoo

If you’re heading to Tobago for an Easter escape, be sure to pay a special visit to Buccoo. Here, you’ll experience the fun of the Goat Race Festival on the Tuesday after Easter.

Starting in 1925, goat racing was held on village streets. As horse racing was reserved for the gentry, goat racing for the masses was the next best thing. Fast forward nearly a century and Tobago is considered the goat racing capital of the world.

So, why not have a flutter on your favourite billy and enjoy a day at the races?

Flying to Tobago with British Airways

If Tobago is now on your holiday hit list, you’re probably wondering how you’ll get there.

You can fly with British Airways from London Gatwick to Tobago – with a short stop in St Lucia – and land in a tropical paradise just 11 hours later.

With the choice of travelling Economy, Premium Economy or Business, British Airways offers award-winning service to suit every traveller to this beautiful island.

Alongside world-class standards, flying with British Airways provides generous baggage allowances, quality British food and drink, and the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the airport with access to their exclusive lounges*.

*Lounge access dependent on cabin class.

Fancy finding out more about Tobago?

Tobago offers so many things to do that this article has only touched the tip of the tropical iceberg.

Now you’ve got some ideas for your itinerary, why not explore some awesome places to stay? Click the button below and check out these incredible Tobago resorts for a Caribbean holiday of a lifetime.

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