Is Going On A Cruise Good For Couples? 7 Things You Need To Try On Board

Cruises are a brilliant way to see more destinations on one trip. Whether you want to see more of the Caribbean or tour the fjords of Norway, there is a ship for that. But is going on a cruise good for couples? If so, do you need to be a certain type of person to get a kick out of life at sea?

Bookings are going through the roof at the moment, but is going on a cruise good for couples?

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the cruising game. We’ll unpack some of the top liners for couples and outline the best things to do on a cruise, so you can define whether it’s for you or not. 

First, though, let’s answer that big question once and for all!

Is Going On A Cruise Good For Couples?

The short answer is, yes! Going on a cruise is great for couples. Alongside the promise of time to yourself, cruising also offers incredible value for money, as well as the opportunity to explore some cities you’d never have thought of reaching. 

However, while you might think that the main attractions of cruising lie away from the ship, cruise liners are some of the most sophisticated construction in the world. This means that many boats come loaded with incredible things to do – but more on those in a minute. 

Another thing that puts many people off cruising is the thought that it’s a holiday reserved for the older population. But, recent research has shown evidence to the contrary. In fact, the under-20s demographic is the fastest growing in the industry. 

Imagine travelling to somewhere like Santorini on your floating hotel. Photo by Jennifer Tattersall on Unsplash

What Are The Best Cruise Lines For Couples?

The best cruise lines for couples include names such as: 

  • P&O
  • Celebrity Cruises 
  • Azamara
  • Princess
  • Holland & America
  • MSC

While some ships like Disney Cruises or Royal Caribbean focus more on the family market, these 5 lines provide entertainment and itineraries more suited to couples hoping to grab an unforgettable adventure. 

However, if you’re looking for even more fun and adventure while on board, then you might also want to check out the likes of WOW factor Cruises, Carnival, RCI, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), or MSC. 

That last batch of lines might boast more activities, but what are some of the universal things couples can do on a cruise?

7 Things For Couples To Do On A Cruise 

Generally speaking, no matter what sefaring adventure you choose to embark on , you should be able to complete all these incredible activities. 

  1. Go for a spa day
  2. Have a flutter in the casino
  3. Take in a show
  4. Learn a new skill
  5. Shop ’til you drop
  6. Go rock climbing
  7. Wine and dine in style 

1. Have a Spa Day

Just because you’re floating between magnificent locations doesn’t mean you can’t pack in a little more indulgence. During your days at sea, why not slip down to the cruise spa?

These floating five-star resorts offer the kind of spa area that put some land facilities to shame. From full-body massages to rounds of hydrotherapy to teeth whitening, there are a plethora of options awaiting you. 

2. Have A Flutter In The Casino

When you’ve indulged your senses in the spa it will be time to enliven them again. And where’s better for a bit of a thrill than the casino?

All of the couple’s choice cruise companies we’ve outlined above offer casinos aboard their stunning ships. So you have the opportunity to win big every evening – that should help when it comes to point 5 on our list. 

3. Enjoy A Staggering Show

One of the best things about hopping on a cruise is the nightly entertainment. When you’re not rolling high in the casino, you could be taking in an incredible show in the main theatre or ballroom. 

From big-name musicians to comedians like Jason Manford and even West End shows. This is not your average resort entertainment team – no shade, but cruises seem to be built different. 

4. Learn Something New

Going on a cruise is great for couples who want to discover new experiences. From galley tours and behind-the-scenes adventures that teach you more about the inner workings of cruise liners to classes on skills such as floristry, cooking, mixology, art, and sports. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

In addition, some higher-end ships even include facilities like Planetariums so you can learn more about the stars you’re passing under every evening. 

5. Go On A Shopping Spree

One thing you can do on any cruise liner is hit up the boutiques. These gargantuan vessels come loaded with streets of shops from high-end designer wear to jewelry to cosmetics and toy shops. Perfect for treating yourself, your partner, or a loved one back home. 

The best part of going shopping on a cruise is that the boutiques are duty-free! So you can fill your boots, then buy some more without paying the local VAT. 

Top Tip

The stores onboard your cruise will run sales. But if you leave your shopping spree until towards the end of your voyage the prices start to dip even more. That’s where you’ll find the real bargains. 

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6. Climb A Mountain

You’ve probably seen them in every cruise television advert ever. But the top deck of some cruise ships feature climbing walls. So, if you’ve got a stomach for heights, maybe you can make it to the summit and catch a showstopping view out over the watery landscape.

7. Be Wined & Dined

Every cruise liner offers a selection of delicious dining options for you to try. As you would expect in some vast Caribbean resorts, your ship can deliver multiple menus across a host of themed restaurants. In fact, sometimes it can feel as though you’re wandering the streets of a cosmopolitan hub as you stroll the decks passing lines of eateries. 

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