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Bay Gardens Resorts, St Lucia: The Low Down

Posted in Fam Trip by Phil on

Bay Gardens Resorts have something for everyone. Comprised of three individual resorts; Bay Gardens Inn, Bay Gardens Hotel and Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa, they're set within close proximity of each other in Rodney Bay, a prime spot for getting out and exploring the wonders of St Lucia. Here's all the juicy intel on the Bay Gardens Resorts.

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Reach New Heights at Pigeon Island, St. Lucia

Posted in Insider Knowledge by Tom on

When it comes to national landmarks, St. Lucia has become synonymous with the twin-peaks of the Pitons. They’ve been fully merchandised by the Lucians, appearing on clothes, postcards, and even lending their name to the island’s national beer. But there are another pair of peaks, far less publicised and far more historically significant, that lives in their shadow: the two summits of Pigeon Island.

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Nicola’s St Lucia Fam Trip

Posted in Site Inspection by Nicola on

After a pleasant flight to St Lucia, we arrive at 2pm local time. We swiftly make our way through passport control and head for our 10 minute transfer to Coconut Bay Resort and Spa. We were greeted upon arrival with a cool towel and a fruit punch, very refreshing after an 8 hour flight! We quickly check in and head to see the rooms that we have for our 2 night stay at Coconut Bay...

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