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A 5-point Guide to Making the Most Of New York City

Posted in Insider Knowledge by Alice on

After just four nights spent in New York, it hardly takes much to have you head-over-heels for the place. Everything is just as you'd imagine; tall buildings, wide streets and an exhilarating bustle that somehow remains in constant motion - so much so that it's all too easy to miss some of the greatest parts with just the blink of an eye. Thanks to a few local friends and relatives with experience of the city, I was able to make the most of my first visit. Want in? Read on.

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How to spend 3 nights in New York

Posted in Insider Knowledge by Martyn on

If you haven’t already noticed, Caribbean and Indian Ocean holidays are kind of our thing. We’re mad about Mexico, bonkers for Barbados and silly for St. Lucia. So, when it comes to expanding our repertoire, we don’t do it lightly. We’ve recently expanded into America, with the Floridian beaches of Miami proving very popular. Our next foray into the USA is something a little different: New York, New York.

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