A Serendipitous Sri Lankan Adventure

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Arriving into Colombo airport shortly after Sri Lanka had celebrated a religious festival was an experience to say the least. Hundreds of huge paper lanterns with long colourful streamers strung high and low were blowing in the breezes and brightly dressed groups of worshippers were waiting for their flights home. Just getting out of the airport is a novel affair.

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Barbados: The Island Of Unlimited Possibilities

Posted in Fam Trip, Insider Knowledge by Kathy Hine on

Sunday was an excursion extravaganza, fitting in a full taster of what Barbados has to offer. This is the huge advantage over many of the other Caribbean islands - a huge range of things to see and do. We started with us being taken on the Bajan Bus… the oldest one on Barbados.

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Rocky Mountaineer – A Stress Free Luxury Tour (Part 3)

Posted in Holiday, Insider Knowledge, Travel Tips & Advice by Stuart on

Once again we were taking the Gold Leaf service for the next couple of days to Vancouver. Our journey takes us back to Kamloops, the scenery was once again breathtaking and the glorious sunshine stayed with us the whole journey.

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Entrancing Delights of Bajan Hospitality

Posted in Fam Trip, Resorts In Focus by Kathy Hine on

It's was a Friday morning and we were Barbados Bound! It was with excitement and honour for me that I had the chance to experience this trip, but with some trepidation due to leaving my family unit. It has been 17 years since I last went ‘long haul’ and having had many short haul flights encompassing the joys of the rather more cramped charter and low cost airlines, our outbound British Airways flight was a treat.

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Veranda Paul & Virginie, Mauritius

Posted in Resorts In Focus by Tom on

Sometimes, you just need a holiday made for two. You need a resort with a keen focus on togetherness, a place where you can explore, relax, and whimsically strike out at your own discretion. You many not know it yet, but what you need is Veranda Paul & Virginie. It’s a Mauritian masterpiece that places all the best bits of a tropical island right on your doorstep, and comes with a bunch of bespoke features that’ll make you weak at the knees with joy. Here are some of the tricks that have to wine, dine, and woo you all over.

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