8 Reasons to Add a Carnival Cruise to Your Holiday Wish List

Posted in Insider Knowledge by Katie on

New to cruise and tempted by the cruiser life? I was too. Then I had the opportunity to climb on-board a Carnival Cruise and cruising took a whole new meaning. Cruise it up, Holidaymakers. Once you've had a taste, you'll be thirsty for more. Here are 8 reasons why you should make your next getaway a Carnival Cruise getaway.

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Introducing The New Carnival Vista

Posted in Fam Trip by Victoria on

The brand new Carnival Vista is truly amazing. After making its inaugural voyage on 1st May 2016, Team Blue Bay had the epic opportunity to jump on-board for a Mediterranean adventure. The 1,062 foot long cruise ship has everything you could wish for and the incredibly talented staff add the icing on the cruising cake. This cruise sails the seas like no other, the atmosphere on-board is fun and relaxed as everyone jumps on-board to have a good old time. Stay entertained by day and by night with a whole host of activities ready and waiting. Take a peek at these fast facts and top tips so you get just a taste of what's awaiting on-board Carnival Vista.

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Abbie’s Jamaican Escapades at Jewel Paradise Cove Resort & Spa

Posted in Fam Trip by Abbie on

My first time in Jamaica took me to Jewel Paradise Cove Resort & Spa, an adults-only retreat in Runaway Bay. There's plenty of opportunities to get out and explore with excursions hosted straight from the front door. You can take your getaway with a hive of activity or just hit the spa for a more relaxed retreat. So, I bring you my reflections from Jamaica, cast your eyes this way.

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How Will Leaving The European Union Affect Your Holiday?

Posted in Insider Knowledge by Tom on

Most holidaymakers who pass through Blue Bay Travel are embarking on long-haul non-European travel, so you're unlikely to see any major changes as a consequence of leaving the European union. The main thing to bear in mind is the exchange rate, which will affect holiday prices and the cost of living overseas. We've broken down the travel advice for non-European and European travel, so you can see exactly how leaving the European Union will affect your holiday.

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The Fun Ship: Staying Entertained On-Board Carnival Vista By Night

Posted in Fam Trip, Insider Knowledge by Katie on

Team Blue Bay jumped at the opportunity to explore the brand new Carnival Cruise Vista. It's clear to see that staying entertained by day is a piece of cake. Fun Ship by name, fun ship by nature. So, as the cruise sets sail for the next destination and the sun sets on another relaxing day, what's happening on-board Carnival Vista? Epic things, fellow travellers. Many epic things. Here's the low down:

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