Alice Connell

Business Analyst

My passions are data, analytics and puzzle-solving. The travel industry is so diverse. It’s impossible not to find it both fulfilling and fascinating. From the passionate people it attracts with story’s and experiences across the globe, to the data we can use to enhance every holidaymaker's unique journey.

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In a nutshell.

  • Describe yourself in three words: Driven, witty and passionate.
  • Catchphrase: “Always a pleasure, never a chore”.
  • Likes: Dolph Lundgren, wrestling, rocky and did I mention Dolph Lundgren?
  • Hidden talent: I’m a Quiz and Event Hostess.
  • Lesser-known fact about you: I designed a book cover which was published and added to the National Library.
  • Best feeling in the world: Having a seemingly impossible day or task ahead of you and smashing it!
  • Favourite snack: Chocolate raisins.
  • What type of hat best describes your personality: Cowboy hat.
  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why: To freeze time - I never have enough hours in a day.
  • Best holiday you’ve ever had: Krakow, Poland. Educational in the day and a party at night.

Places I've Been.