The Marketing department is a machete to the content thicket of the electrical interwebs.

Deftly combining cutting-edge technology and revolutionary ideas, the Blue Bay Marketeers enjoy all the creative freedom they need to disseminate the Blue Bay message unto the masses.

It’s down to the Marketeers to make it known that Blue Bay Travel are the go to guys (and gals) when it comes to long haul travel. Email marketing, social media, video production, advertising and blogging all fall under their remit.

It’s a mixed bag of tasks, but there’s not a Jack‐of‐all‐Trades in sight. The Marketeers work hard to be bonafide polymaths, renowned for their superhuman attention to detail and sixth sense for innovation.

Their threefold mastery of copywriting, analysing and strategising make sure that the Blue Bay revolution is heard the world over.

Sorry, we're not currently looking for any Marketeers, but feel free to change our minds. If you think you're the dog's doo-dars, send your CV to .

Educational Trips.

Educationals/Familiarisation trips, or loosely called "fam" trips can be a great learning tool for travel professionals. There is no better way of learning about a destination than experiencing it for yourself. We encourage all our colleagues to experience as many different countries as possible to ensure that as a business we are constantly expanding our knowledge base. Educationals do usually involve a lot of hard work, but can be extremely rewarding and worthwhile and an awful lot of fun.


Service Recognition.

We value the contribution of all of our colleagues and are delighted that we have such a loyal workforce supporting us as we grow from strength to strength. We are pleased that so many have been with us from the very early stages and so we want to reward our colleagues for their contribution, as we recognise the pivotal role they play in making the Company a successful business.