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'Where are the holidays?' I hear you cry. Well, whilst the Blue Bay Travel ethos remains the cornerstone of our business, from this three sister sites have flourished.

Caribbean Warehouse, our first born, encompasses the luxury of the Caribbean, specialising in the likes of Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados & St Lucia. Through demand for spectacular honeymoons and breathtaking adventures grew Tropical Warehouse, specialising in the Indian Ocean and the Far East. Last but by no means least, Xclusivity was created, reserved purely for the epitome of ultimate luxury and featuring only the absolute créme de la créme of resorts.

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Caribbean Warehouse, unsurprisingly, specialises in luxury holidays to the Caribbean. Our experts undergo intensive training to ensure they remain at the top of the class. We've actually visited the hotels that we feature, ensuring our unique first-hand knowledge is second to none. Through support from the best and most reliable travel providers in the industry, we're able to secure unbeatable prices that you won't find anywhere else.

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Tropical Warehouse is Caribbean Warehouse's Far East and Indian Ocean baby. It was born through demand for spectacular honeymoons and breathtaking adventures, and hence we expanded our offering with stunning hotels in the Maldives, Mauritius, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Egypt and the like. If you're after the trip of a lifetime experiencing everything the world has to offer, then Tropical Warehouse is the place to be.

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Xclusivity encompasses high-end, world-leading getaways composed from a hand-picked collection of long-haul and short-haul holiday packages featuring worldwide resorts of the highest luxury calibre. Some of which are located amid the globe’s most exclusive postcodes and hold prestigious awards such as Michelin star dining experiences. Paired with undivided attention to detail, these are simply the most exquisite getaways we’ve ever created. Experience a life less ordinary.

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