Ever since the Sumerians rustled up the first abacus, money matters have mattered to everyone. Blue Bay Travel is no exception.

The Finance Team employ mathematical wizardry to ensure that all bills are paid, all payments are processed, and all records are bang up to date.

Vigilance and scrupulousness are the backbone of the Finance Team, as they report, forecast and budget with a precision quite unmatched. Their efforts help thwart fraud and theft in all its guises, and their fearless quest for truth leaves no figure unchecked.

Naysayers may claim that a career in finance offers little variety, but the dynamic products of Blue Bay Travel ensure that every day brings new, exciting challenges.

The Finance Team are also legendary tea brewers, famed for the best cuppa this side of the Trent. Their love of numbers is surpassed only by their reverence of the humble tealeaf.

Sorry, we're not currently looking for any additions to our Finance Team, but feel free to change our minds. If you think you're the cat's pyjamas, send your CV to .