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Barbados Through the Eyes of a Cab Driver

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Any exotic destination is best experienced through the eyes of the locals, who know how to seek out all the juiciest nuggets of island living. Kyle Lawson knows this first hand, as he joined forces with a local cab driver named David to unearth the indigenous treasures of Barbados. He filmed every moment of his time in the Caribbean, and the resulting video is a testament to the intimate joy found in the Bajan way of life.

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Scintillating Sights and Cracking Cricket: Memoirs from Almond Beach Resort

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Chris and Liz have boomeranged back to Barbados for the final days of their Caribbean adventure and are reluctantly coming to the realisation their return to the UK is imminent. To keep their minds off such ideas, Chris has elected to show Liz the wonders of the Kensington Oval and experience the enjoyable atmosphere of a West Indies cricket match.

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