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Cocktails, Cockerels, Coconuts & The Sugar Cane Club

Posted in Fam Trip, Holiday by Ben on

Chris and his wife Liz are currently enjoying their time accomplishing an island hopping adventure in the Caribbean. They have kept in touch with us during their first couple of days and we thought it would be great to share some of their experiences so far. Their adventure starts at the Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa in Barbados...

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Stuart and Angela’s Island Escape

Posted in Holiday by Stuart on

Living in a digital world certainly comes with it benefits, but we all strive for those moments of pure relaxation. This summer we felt the need to take a break where we could escape the modern world in search of a place to recharge and unwind. With this in mind we chose Palm Island in the Grenadines, owing to its reputation as a peaceful utopia for nature lovers.

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Alice in Sandals La Toc

Posted in Holiday by Alice on

St. Lucia was our chosen holiday destination for this year and I could not wait! We travelled down to London the night before our flight, which was great! It meant that we woke up feeling refreshed and best of all our holiday started a day early! We checked in with British Airways at 7am and after dropping off our luggage and clearing security we headed straight to duty free. After a bite to eat and a pre-flight drink (or two) we were called to board our flight.

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