Spanish architecture, the scent of authentic cuisine and the cobbled streets of the old city craft the distinguishable experience of this island nation. With contemporary resort living nestled among lush vegetation, white-sand beaches and rustic old-brick buildings, the Dominican Republic‘s character is one of diversity, offering a range of respectively stunning assets.

With so many incredible things to take in, we’ve put together a few of the Dominican Republic‘s finest features so you wont miss a thing.

Dominican Republic


With a rich culture of colour, craftsmanship and community spirit, this destination welcomes visitors to submerge themselves into the exciting lifestyle of the Dominican Republic. February 27th of each year holds the annual Carnival that celebrates the Independence of the island nation, and showcases costumes, music and the incredible authentic warmth of the community. Experience the dance that dominates the Dominican Music life; a popular dance called ‘Merengue’, the core of everyday life in the Dominican Republic.

Weather and When to Go

The months of June to October tend to hold the highest temperature, with highs sitting at an average of 32°c. Although you may experience a slightly higher chance of liquid sunshine during these months, the air remains warm, as does the sea. February holds the lowest chance of rainfall, closely followed by March. With an overall average temperature of no less than around 25°c, and a sea temperature typically above the 25°c mark also, this year-round destination offers a stunning escape throughout the months.

Things to Do

Visit Basilica Cathedral of Santa María la Menor; the oldest Cathedral in the Americas, among other incredible cathedrals.
• Take a walk through the New World’s oldest city, Santo Domingo, which has maintained many of it’s original architectures and even the jewels of it’s rich history.
• Come face-to face with an array of kaleidoscopic sealife of all shapes and sizes when you take a dive into the infinite waters of the Dominican Republic‘s crystal clear coast.
• Take home a few samples of this island’s culture at the many humble market stalls, where crafts, clothing and accessories are all sold in village-like strips.
• Venture around all the atoll’s best bits with the Outback Safari Adventure Tour, where you’ll visit villages, beaches, plantations and more.

Dominican Republic

Getting around

In the Dominican Republic, you’ll have to get used to driving on the right side of the road. Rental cars are easy to find here, but be aware of the many motorcyclists and roads that aren’t always lit quite as we’re accustomed to. For a more authentic feel of this destinations, you may want to give Públicos a go. These are marked taxis with space to pick up multiple passengers from the side of the road. Public buses are also great for the everyday Dom Rep experience.

Emergency contacts and FCO Advice

Call 911 in the case of emergencies, and keep up to date with the current events in the Dominican Republic with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office here.

 Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic offers its amazing culture to visitors in the form of exquisite cuisine, amazing music and dance, and gorgeous natural vistas that go on for miles in the form of hills, foliage and eternal stretches of blue sea. If we’ve inspired you to discover this incomparable destination first-hand, click the button below to find out more and start your journey.

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