Archive: Sep 2011

Gemma’s Visit to Buccament Bay, St Vincent

Posted in Site Inspection by Gemma on

When you think of St Vincent what springs to mind? If it is that it is another small non-descript Caribbean island then this could not be further from the truth. St. Vincent is a small island with a big heart full of culture, beautiful scenery, eco-adventures, amazing sailing and opportunities to cruise to remote Grenadian Islands for a taste of secluded Paradise...

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Review of Jetwing Sea, Sri Lanka

Posted in Site Inspection by Nathan on

You know how you feel after a flight - tired, drained and in need of a shower to revive your dwindling energy levels. But the soothing vibe of Jetwing Sea erases the journey from your mind as soon as you arrive. As you walk into the hotel, you are instantly relaxed, feeling the light breeze whisper through the open-air lobby, drawing your attention to the waves caressing Negombo’s beautiful beach...

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